Friday, March 28, 2008

Salt Lake CIty

My MIL told us about the train system here in Utah, and the kids really wanted to try it. So the plan was that all of us might save some money in gas, take a bus from Provo to the train and then ride the rails up to Salt Lake City to see the temple. Well, Wendell being the pragmatist that he is saw some flaws to the plan. It may take forever to catch the bus to the train. And it was nap time and Bren may freak out. Then we don't know how she would act on the train. So we decided to drive to the tacks, put grandma and the kids(minus Brenley) on the train, and drive to the temple and meet them there. Believe it or not, the train people beat us! We hit some massive traffic, but Brenners was taking a micronap so it wasn't so bad.

First we saw the tabernacle, which for some reason I have never seen in my life! I don't know why. I have been to temple square many times, but this was my first time. It was built as the church meeting house before the temple was completed, and it is gorgeous. I love all old buildings, but this one is so unique. It is so different then our churches now. With it's high ornate ceilings and stained glass windows, it looks more like a catholic church. O.K, I have never in my life been inside a catholic church. But it looks like I imagine a catholic church would look like.

Then we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial building. Brenley was so funny in the elevators. She really felt it, and when it stopped she would go ,"whoa!" She loved running around on the pretty carpets, and we all enjoyed the view of the temple from the top floor.

We went to the visitor's center on the south side, which I didn't even know existed. The kids really enjoyed watching all of the old LDS commercials. O.K, I loved them too. Somebody did a great job. The whole place was really impressive, and the kids really loved it. Who knew?

After that we went to the Lion House for dinner. This has become a kind of tradition with Grandma. Grandma tells the kids they can get whatever they want, and we all pig out. It was fabulous as usual.

Then we wandered around the temple some more. Brenley loved walking around all of the water. She loved the flowing pools on the side of the temple. She climbed up on the side and started marching. We couldn't figure out what she was doing! She was marching perfectly. It was like she had been going to military school behind our backs. Then I remembered the marching ants on her favorite Dora the Explorer DVD. Silly girl.

I didn't get many of the pictures that I wanted. The camera has an attitude. It only worked in two little spurts, which is why we have a lot of pics from one little spot, and then the refection pool.

So then Brenley decided to run around the edge of the reflective pool. The kid has some serious balance.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

super cool trip! sounds like Brenley has quite the personality. I've never been to Temple square.

Mandi said...

I was glad that you found my blog again. I love your template! And I'm totally excited that I can keep up on you now - I love blogs for that very reason. I hope you don't mind, but I put you on my sidebar so I don't forget to check on you. This post makes me think that I need to take my girls to SLC to see the temple -- I'm sure they'll think it's a castle though.

Rhonda said...

Sounds like you guys had a good trip. I'm so excited that you and I are preggo together! I love have people to share it with! (And not be the only fatso!) When are you due again? I forgot if you are before or after me. We should get together!