Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday- Art Museum, the Drive Inn, and Pioneer park

So on Monday Wendell's parents worked all day. After getting over a bit of a sleepless night, and playing some wii, we decided to take the kids to the Art Museum at BYU. We had been to this museum before. My sister in law margaret ( ) worked there while she was at BYU and she and my brother had their reception there.
Anyhow, I would think Kindyl and Mitch would appreciate some art. I teach Art Masterpiece in both of their classes, and they both really enjoy it and enjoy helping me prepare my lessons.

Well, I was wrong. I don't know if they were just tired or hungry or what, but they kept hitting each other and kept getting in trouble. They weren't interested in anything. Crazy kids. They were driving me nuts. They had some really cool exhibits in there, and I was really annoyed that I didn't get to enjoy them.

After the museum we went to the Drive Inn and got some food. Mitchell ate his whole burger, half of Brenley's, some fries, and some milk shake. Even Kindyl ate her whole burger. We took our food and ate across the street at Pioneer Park. Wendell and I both used to play there as kids. Many of you probably did too. They were in a much better mood after that.

I know what you are thinking. We should have fed them and took them to the park BEFORE the museum. You would think we had been parents long enough to realize this. Go figure.

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