Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random question tag

O.K I got tagged by Julie on Saturday. She called it a "Saturday Social Tag". Today is Thursday. I know I am a total slacker. It is actually a smidgen ironic that I took so long, given the question. I was quite flattered to be tagged, as this is my first time. So thanks Julie!

Question- Are you a procrastinator? Um....yes! I am the queen of procrastination. I know some of you may think that title belongs to you, but you would be wrong. What do I procrastinate? Everything. I am the type of girl who will take my kids and leave the house because I don't want to clean it right now.

I started young, of course. I was the girl you would find frantically trying to finish her homework at her desk before the bell rings. My friends knew they could call me at anytime in the middle of the night on the night before a physics test because I had procrastinated studying until the night before. High school and college included many unnecessary all nighters. Yes, you could find me sprinting to class from the ASU library ten minutes before a term paper was due, praying I would get to class on time. (No I didn't have a computer and printer in my apartment. No laptop. This was 1994, people, and we didn't have such things.)

What do I procrastinate on now? Well, everything. I end up having to skip the gym on Mondays (when I am not barfing) because my grandma comes over at naptime and my house has to be at least semi presentable. Sad, I know.

I procrastinate getting my Art Masterpiece packet until the day before I teach it. It takes me at least a day to gain an appreciation for an artist I have no natural inclination towards. Most artists I naturally like right away, but I have been heard to say at midnight," I still don't like Jackson Pollack. He is not a nice person and his work is a crock". Besides, some artists were brilliant but crazy. It takes me some time to come up with a way to showcase the crazies to little kids in a positive light. I don't know why he cut off his ear/ cheated on his wife. he was crazy.

My husband and I have been known to sleep with a load of laundry between us because I procrastinated folding it until I was too tired. Sad but true.

So there you have it. I am computer illiterate and don't know how to do a link without just giving the email address. SO if you want to e mail me with instructions, feel free.

I am tagging Kim at, My little sister Callie at My friend Krista at and my sister Jannalee at

This is my first time and these are totally random. Enjoy!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

way to go. call me. and i can walk you through the hyper link. easy.

Angela said...

Sherry!! Your family is growing up way too fast! I haven't seen you and your fam in forever and they are darling! It's fun to read about your family.
Oh.. Congrats on the new 1 on the way...(glad it's just 1 too ;) ) Take care!!

Kim said...

So is the question the same for everyone???

Melanie and Will said...

Sherry...I would love to be your friend ;)

I would love to change up your blog or make a header for you....just let me know what and when! I love to do's kind of like therapy to me. lol

Frankie and Krista said...

do I answer the same question?

sherry said...

Yes I am pretty sure you answer the same question. Never done this before. But another girl who got tagged did. So yes, answer the same one. Thanks guys!