Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have been a little more interested in football lately than I normally am. this is probably not that unusual right now. (Cardinals/Superbowl anyone?)

I have been watching the back seasons of Friday Night Lights on Netflix, and really enjoying it.

If you know me, you know I don't watch a lot of sports on T.V. But I really enjoy sports live. I'll go to an ASU Football game anytime you ask me. I'm always up for a Suns game, and I really enjoy a good D Backs game. I'm not sure why I can't watch on T.V. For some reason, the noise of the game and the sportscasters drives me absolutely crazy.

I never had the urge to watch this particular show. One of my sisters said it was more about the relationships than about football, so I checked it out.

Love it! I love the relationship between the husband and wife and I love the excitement of the actual game, believe it or not.

I started watching football in Jr. High, but developed a bad taste when I got embarrassed. I was watching a game with a really cute guy I had a crush on.(is it just me or am I sounding like my daughter?) I understood the game, but he thought I didn't. I cheered when our guy tackled their guy, because it was an awesome tackle and it meant they didn't get a touch down. But Super Cute Boy thought I was cheering for the other team. He thought I was so retarded that I couldn't keep track of our own team. I tried to explain myself to no avail. He thought I was just making excuses.

I am pretty sure this is why we never got together;) (By the time he got a clue in High School, I was over it.)

So football, bad experience. When I got to High School I went to games but really just to support the players I was friends with, and socialize. I didn't pay attention.

Until my Junior Year when I spent a semester in Bozeman MT. I played Powder Puff Football, and loved it. I ended up dating and going to Prom with my football player coach. I was the best little corner back you ever saw. O.K not really. But I did just fine, had a lot of fun, and beat the seniors. I decided it was not such a bad game after all.

I started to actually enjoy Mt. View football(even when our State loss to Mesa High really messed with our Winter Formal plans. Who says boys don't get emotional?;)and loved going to home games when I got to ASU.

Still do. but I wouldn't dream of watching it on T.V. Or even a T.V show about it. But I was so wrong! This little town of Dillon, TX reminded me of my little town of Bozeman, MT. Bozeman is a little university town (MSU, home of the Bobcats)of about 30,000- 40,000 .It had one high school, and was kind of serious about its football (although certainly not to the extent of Dillon Texas)

So it brings back memories. And makes me wish I knew my husband when he played High School football. Rumor has it he was quite good. And his little town made kind of a big deal about him. He refuses to brag about it, but I have seen the newspaper articles.

(I know these pics stink. I won't even start on the hair (no, he didn't have a mullet!).Remember the late 80's, people? I found one really awesome picture, but the article was too big to fit in my scanner. I am sort of thinking of framing it;)

When we were dating, I remember running into an ex boyfriend of mine who had met Wendell a couple of times. I remember him saying, "you are going to marry that football player, aren't you." I remember it because it was really the first time I actually considered the question. and I remember wondering why he referred to him as "that football player".I said, "you know, I think I just might."
Who knows, I may just end up actually watching the Super Bowl this year. Go Cards!
( yes, my inner college self IS cringing at how often I start sentences on my blog with "so", "but", and "and". And how often I use incomplete sentences. The list could go on...)

He Finally Made It!

My friend Sheila sent me this, and it made me laugh out loud. Three times. Each time I saw it again. I laughed again.

My sister says I need to get out more....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sherry is....

Trying to decide whether or not to be ticked at a funny comment her husband made.

Referring to breastfeeding, and the calories required:

"I just don't think the fat is making it into this one."("this one" referring to this baby, Abigail)

I nurse this baby all the time, she is still tiny and I am still.... not. I seem to be retaining all of the fat I am eating, and not sharing with the infant.

Do I agree? I am afraid so. Am I annoyed? A little bit.

Honestly I am pretty sure he was referring more to how little Abigail is than how huge I am. Because he isn't really mean to me on purpose. ( I don't take "teasing" very well) And my other breast fed babies were all big. Even Brenley who was 4 weeks early just like Ab.

SO I am choosing not to be offended.

ANd if you are wondering about the title of this post, I joined the Face Book craze yesterday. My cousin Shelli sent me a request, and it was my fifth one. So it pushed me over the edge into the FB world.

I have told myself I did it to keep an eye on my daughter and other family members.

And frankly, friend requests make me feel good;)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mitchell is 8!

I can't believe my boy is already 8! It seems like he was just my little baby yesterday.

Mitchell and Brenley are 5 years apart, so he was my little buddy for a very long time. He was the sweetest baby, and the nicest little boy. He was my constant companion while the girls were at school.

I remember one day when Mitch was about 3. After I dropped the girls off at school, out of habit I started talking to Mitchell. But he wasn't there. Wendell was home that morning for some reason and Mitchell had stayed home with him. I didn't know what to do with myself for the rest of the ride home! What was I supposed to do without Mitchell there to talk to? Sadly, I turned on the radio and missed my little companion.

Mitchell is a smart little cracker and always on top of things. My little second grader is in the 3rd grade level at school for almost everything (he is in a combined Montessori classroom and is able to participate in the 3rd grade groups) and insists on perfection. He always gets his homework done, and is sure to get it right to the t. Sometimes I get a little annoyed by his perfectionism, and try to teach him that sometimes things aren't perfect but they are "good enough". I try to catch myself and learn not to force him into the "good enough" rut that I am in.

Perfect example: Scouts.

Yes, this is a picture of Mitchell asleep on the couch with his scout book open. Ever since he got his book at the beginning of the month the boy has been obsessed! We keep telling him he has the whole year to fulfill requirements, but he feels like he needs them done today.

He has a good friend who also turned 8 this month down the street. Every single day he heads to the Anderson's to see if James can work on his scouts. I am afraid he is going to drive the Andersons crazy! They are good friends though, and are always nice to him.

He is a dedicated child for sure.

Lucky for us, he doesn't expect perfection from others, just himself;) Because the rest of us are anything but perfect!

It seems that weekly I am told by somebody in our church what a good boy he is. How he is polite to his teachers, and always answers the questions. It is always nice to hear that your little boy knows how to behave himself when we are not around.

I wish I could say it was something I was doing as his parent. It's not. I think we all know that there are certain things kids are born with. Sure, they can be taught. But that is not the case with Mitchell. He was just born nice. He was born respectful. He was born with certain perfectionist characteristics. I don't know where he got these things. But we are thankful to have this little boy around!

8 Things I Love About Mitchell:

1. He has always been sweet to his sisters, especially his baby sisters.

(Lovin tiny baby Brenna)
2. He loves animals and inspires their loyalty

(Maisy guarding Mitchell while he sleeps)
3. He listens at church and can always tell me what he has learned that day.
4. He has a great sense of humor.
5. He is very responsible.
6. He is a quick learner academically
7. He is a quick learner physically (football, the wave, soccer, etc

8. He is always quick to say, "I love you"

Happy Birthday buddy! We love you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January? Seriously?

Does this look like the dead of winter to you?

The leaves on the ground feel like Autumn. The air feels like late Spring. All I know is that the munchkins can play all evening, and we can comfortably eat family dinner outside.


The Zoo!

(Warning, picture overload!)

What could be better than a day at the zoo with my favorite people? We went the Saturday before school started, and it was the perfect way to wrap up Christmas Break. We couldn't have ordered better weather. It was cool and sunny and fabulous!

We don't make it to the zoo often. In fact, last time I took the kids, Mitchell was a baby. He turns 8 this week. Crazy! And Wendell hasn't been since High School.

So when my friend Tiffany called and invited us, I knew it was way overdue.

What can you say about the zoo? The kids loved it. Rachael's favorite part was the petting zoo. Can't you tell?;)
O.K Brenley enjoyed it a little more.

The animals were even kind enough to cooperate.

Bren had the best seat in the house!
Though Abs was pretty comfy too!

All of the kids enjoyed having the Hughes kids with us. Especially Mitch who got to hang with one of his best friends Chase.

Brenna checkin' out the ducks with Graham.
Performing feats of strength:

Brenley is an awesome driver

Kindyl, Mitchell, and Brenley spent a good amount of time just plain hammin it up!

(yes I do realize the boy is wearing track pants with a collared shirt. He got dressed for a primary activity without my knowlege and we didn't have time to go home and change. Like many boys, the kid has zero fashion sense. Yikes!)


With kangaroos. One real, one not quite.

O.K- Maybe this first one is a wallaby. Or some other marsupial. I am not quite sure.

It was a great day, and we can't wait to go back!

Monday, January 19, 2009

O.K, I Admit it... I'm Smitten!

If you ask me I'll tell you. I'm tired. She doesn't sleep well. She makes me hold her all day. I don't get anything done. The rest of my life has kind of fallen by the wayside. My house is a mess. My laundry's not done. I haven't gotten back into a regular gym routine. All of this is true.

What I won't tell you is...I secretly like it.

If you tell me she is cute I might thank you and tell you she is kind of a stinker. I'll try to be modest. But what I'll be thinking is,"yeah, she totally is, isn't she?"

I am loving everything about her. I love the way she smells. I love the way she smiles when she wakes up. I love the way she tells me sad stories when she stops crying. She says,"ohhh ohh ohh..." I love the goofy faces that she makes.

I love how little she still is. Most of my babies start out big and then chunk up and stay large until they start walking. I love that she is three months old and still my tiny little baby doll.

I love that my family likes to hold her, and her cousins (especially Kylee) will take care of her at family functions.

I love how she looks over my shoulder sometimes and talks and laughs with the angels. I love it when she nurses and gets that milk drunk look on her little face. I love the way she looks asleep on my shoulder

or reclining on my lap

She is my last baby, and I feel like I need to memorize all of the little things. So I hold her more than necessary. And I get less done than I should. I secretly agree with all of the compliments she gets. And dread the day she gets too old to snuggle.

And daily I will fight the urge to dip the child in chocolate sauce and just eat her up!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year's Eve

Yes, we had a party to go to. And we had a blast! As a kid I complained but these days it is fantastic to have a big family.

We headed over to Grunyon Run AKA Scary House at 6 so the kids could get their party on. They started with a little game of Bingo headed by Rebecca.

Then they headed into the kitchen to build gingerbread houses, helped by their fathers. Our kids are so lucky they have an aunt who spoils them.

Then it was time for the grown ups to have some fun. We sent the kids to bed and partied on. At this point my camera was put away. I don't know why that happens. I think I just take pics of the kids by habit. Rebecca, do you have pictures of the grown ups? I think she has some silly ones.

We had a white elephant exchange game, which is always exciting. I count it a success if people are trading or fighting over the gifts we brought. Wendell brought a lighted Buddha with those electrical currents running through it. I wish I had a picture of it. Joy? Dave scored it for Tate and Kevin, and they were pretty happy about that. I had hit a monster sale at Bath and Body Works and got a lotion and a lip balm. All under our $5.00 limit, thank you very much!

The injuries were minor, after some coveted mixing bowls were safely out of play, and I scored a pretty awesome shower cap that I needed and didn't even know it. Success!

Then the garns treated us to a fun little gift tradition. I think she got some pictures that I probably don't want posted. It involves winter gloves and a hat. Probably not my best look;)

A gift is placed in the middle wrapped to the gills. Greg (I think it was Greg) is a master at this. This includes multiple wrapped boxes, and a lot of tape.

A pair of dice is passed around. When you roll a 6 it is your turn. You put on the gloves and the hat. The hat so we can keep track of whose turn it is and only one person at a time can have a turn, and the gloves to make it even more difficult.

The next person to roll a six steals your hat and gloves. I am pretty sure I pulled Margaret's hair in the process at one point. Sorry Margs! And I am pretty sure we all shared germs using our teeth to get through the tape. It is not a good idea to abuse your teeth this way in front of your orthodontist, but you do what you have to do!

And you keep going until someone penetrates the multiple boxes and actually gets to the gift. That person wins the gift. There were two this time, and I won the first one. (which would not have been possible if Joy hadn't been holding my baby, allowing me to jump around like a crazy person) I was able to decide to keep it, or exchange it for an unknown gift. I chose to keep it, and I am glad I did. We won movie tickets and popcorn. We are too cheap to go out to the movies often, so this was the perfect gift for us.

We played more games and ate all of our favorite snacks, including another giant cheese ball of course. At midnight we toasted with our favorite fake champagne, Martinelli's. And wished my brother Cark a Happy Birthday;)