Monday, March 24, 2008

Hiking the Y with a toddler

O.K I know. I should be at the gym right now doing Cathy's class. Or I should be cleaning my house so my Grandma can come over. Or at the very least I should be planning for my Activity day meeting tomorrow, and our activity on Wednesday. But I feel crummy and I am not going to do any of those things yet. I am going to continue with my Spring Break Saga.

On Wednesday we decided to hike the Y. My kids did it last year with grandma and grandpa and couldn't wait to do it again. I haven't done it since I was about 16, and didn't remember much about it. So we took Brenley with us and headed up.

I don't know if you have been here lately, but # 1 and # 2 are pretty far apart. And Rachael was telling us that it goes up to # 17. Wendell and I are not in the best shape at the moment, and lugging a toddler up the mountain at such a steep incline did not sound appealing. But the kids were having fun and we decided to go as far as they wanted to. (yes Brenley is wearing monkey pajamas. With very little sleep on this trip I decided to pick my battles, so our whole trip Bren wore one of two pairs of P.Js. Look for her flag pajamas tomorrow at the Salt Lake Temple.Lovely)
This is a shot of the kids at # 1 I believe. I was grateful to see some snow, because I was quite warm and dang thirsty! It was old snow, but I was able to dig a little and find some nice white snow to eat. Yum!

We kept asking Bren if she wanted to go back down, and she would scream, "no! top!" I called my sister Cassie who lives nearby in Pleasant Grove to ask if she knew how many markers were on the trail and she had no idea. It was logical to ask her because it wasn't really that long ago since she graduated from BYU, but she said,"I haven't been since I was like 7." She went with me last time I went, I then remembered. I was a teenager, and Rebecca was pregnant with Kylee. Kylee is 14, so that would make me 16 and Cassie 9. That was a long time ago. No help.

Brenley finally gave up at marker 7. This was a little disappointing when we found out there were only 10 or 11 altogether. So Wendell continued to the top with Kindyl and Mitchell and I went down with Rachael and Bren.

This means that I got to go almost all the way down the mountain carrying a rather large toddler. Her diaper ended up leaking all over me and she fell asleep on my chest. This made it a Little difficult to see where I was stepping.

Here are my "tough kids" who actually made it to the top. Kindyl's flip flop broke at the top. Wendell was able to jimmy rig it with a safety pin he found on the trail. He is so resourceful! I know what you are thinking. Why was Kindyl hiking in flip flops? Um..because I didn't notice she was wearing them. I figured a nine year old would know better. Note to self: When hiking, bring water bottles and check the foot wear of ALL children. You learn something new everyday.

Next: Salt Lake City

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Holly Decker said...

DARLING pictures!! so cute!
just looking at your family pictures makes me want a family! your husband did an awesome job in primary- dressed up as a disciple of Christ- it was awesome.
hopefully you had a great easter :)
thanks for your comment... i too, am addicted to comments! i agree that blogs are just plain FUNNER than journals- cuz you can decorate and share them with so many people :)
glad you enjoyed the song... we love singing- its been fun.

Holly & Marcie said...

You got further than we would ever get! And with a toddler too! Good work. It looks so pretty there. Looks like you guys had tons of fun!