Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fun in the snow!

Every Spring Break my sister Rebecca stays in a cabin right in Brighton and takes the whole family skiing. As I mentioned earlier, this year she took Rachael with them to baby sit for a few days. Monday night we went up to get her. We took all of the kids so they could play in the snow around the cabin and we could go out to dinner with Greg and Rebecca.

Given my delicate condition, I was expecting the drive up the canyon to be a bit of a nightmare. You know it twists and turns like crazy up there. But a magical thing happened. I have such great memories of driving up that canyon that my body couldn't be anything but happy! Think about it, every time I have made that drive since Junior High I have been on my way to go skiing. Can you think of anything funner? So my body was fooled into thinking I was going skiing, and couldn't possibly get sick. It was just amazing.

They have a pretty sweet set up up there. there is a TON of snow! They have their own little hills, and even Wendell and I tried sledding down them. I wasn't exactly dressed for the snow because we were going out, but I was wearing knee high boots, and I was glad I did! The snow went up to my knees whenever I tried to walk.

After that we got the kids settled a little bit with their own dinner and took off to go out to eat. As we were leaving, we saw Mitchell still outside playing in the snow by himself. I hadn't even noticed he wasn't inside! I swear, it is like kids don't even feel the cold.

It was a fun night for all of us, and we were especially happy to get our Rachael back. She had lots of stories to tell us. I think her favorite part of vacation was when she got to eat dinner 3 doors down from where they shot the scenes at Troy's house in High School Musical. Pretty cool.
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onehm said...

Fun trip! We never made it to the snow this year, and my kids are sad.
Next year, I suppose!

Crazymamaof6 said...

way fun!