Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trip to Utah

Well the drive up was not too bad. They had closed the I17 without our knowledge, and we were stuck in traffic adding a good hour to our travel time. This is lovely when you are looking at a 12 hour trip anyhow. Note to self: check traffic report BEFORE horribly long trip with toddler. So, because we are missing Rachael, Kindyl and Mitchell are separated by a whole bench. Kindyl sat up front with Brenley and did an amazing job helping with her. Brenley was pretty happy the whole time, and aside from some argument about who got to sit next to the dog, it went off without a hitch. If I hadn't been so dang sick and miserable, it would have been just fine. We took a few vomit breaks. Lovely.(last time we travelled to Utah while I was pregnant, I flew and Wendell drove the kids. That was seriously the best way to do it.Of course, then we had no toddlers.) But it was way better then it could have been.

We got to Provo at about midnight. If you have any experience travelling with Brenley, you will know that the child doesn't sleep in the car. when it is time for her to sleep, she just screams until we get there. Big fun. Luckily she didn't start screaming until 9:00 our time(10:00 Utah time), and we only had to deal with it for about 2 hours.

Brenley tends to puke when she travels. Anyone who stayed at Rebecca's beach house when we were there knows this all too well.(sorry Rebecca). I think this time she may have had a bug, I don't know. So at about 4:00 she wakes up screaming and puking. Luckily I caught most of it in a cup. TMI, I know. So we continued the process about 4 times, and I finally woke Wendell up to deal with her at about 8. She continued to puke another 4 times. Poor kid. Travelling does not agree with her. After that, though, she started running around the house chasing after the dogs as happy as can be. No more puking the rest of the trip.

next: Art Museum, the Drive Inn and Pioneer Park

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