Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Silly Kindyl

In our house we have what we call Kindylisms. If you know Kindyl, you probably know her as a sweet, quiet, unassuming child. What you probably don't know about her is that she is HILARIOUS. She is the queen of dead pan. It is almost like her silliness surprises even herself sometimes. I will tell you what happened just last week (I think)

Someone gave us a pair of jeans that she bought for her daughter and they didn't fit. They are super cute, and they were a size 8 slim. Kindyl is 9 1/2 but she is a tiny thing you might call,"booty challenged". So an 8 slim is perfect for her. She didn't like them. She has always had her own little sense of style, but sometimes it is frustrating. They are the cutest little Limited Too cuffed jeans, and she wouldn't even try them on. AS she is complaining, I am trying to reason with her:

(yes, the jeans pictured are the ones in question. Cute, aren't they?)

"Kindyl, just try them on, you might like them."

"Mom, they are size 8 slim. I am 9 and a half!!!!"

" I know K, but you are kind of a little person."

At this she gives me a weird look, then a slow grin, and starts singing in a high voice "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."

Where does she come up with this stuff! Then she proceeds to dance around on her knees, like she is a "little person."

Silly Kindyl

Now I have to tell you my favorite Kindyl story. I have a hard time telling it in person because I am laughing too hard. I am pretty sure I was pregnant with Bren at the time, so it was about 3 years ago. That makes Kindyl 6.

We were driving up to the lake to go skiing. We left Mitch at home, and just took Rachael and Kindyl. On the drive, Rachael starts telling us about mammals.

Rachael, age 8 : "Mammals are covered with hair. They have hair everywhere except the palms of their hands, the bottoms of their feet, and their nipples."

Dad: " That's not true. When I started getting hair on my chest the first place it came in was on my nipples"

We are contemplating this in silence for a minute. Then from the back seat, in Kindyl's little voice, dead pan:

"I hope that doesn't happen to me."

Laughter. It still makes me laugh while I am writing. She is so silly. we have a hundred of these little stories in her journal. Yes, I know a lot of you have already heard the nipple story. It is a classic.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

cute pants. my daughter does that too. and she shoul be thrilled to wear a small petite size that is pretty fabulous she'll be glad later.

that nipple story is hilarious. so cool you write down in their journals the cute stuff they say.

Booker Bean said...

That's the first I'd heard of the nipple story- that's hilarious!