Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Falling for Fall

I don't know why I am so obsessed with it this year! It may stem from a subconscious thought that if I love Fall enough it will actually get here and cool off this desert. I pulled out my Fall decor and realized the blaring absence of a nice Fall wreath. The nice ones are expensive. So I went to my Happy Place (Hobby Lobby) and bought some supplies to make one. I don't know what came over me, but I needed it NOW! (I know you are surprised to hear this, but I am a little impatient)

(why 2 pics? I can't decide whether to keep it on my security door or my regular door.)

Fall doesn't seem enough. I actually need it to be Halloween. I don't even like Halloween! But I do this year. I don't know why. I kind of blame other bloggers. People are so creative and make it look so fun! It started last year, I think. My sister's BFF goes all out on Halloween, and her blog post made me think it can really be done with style.(see this post too) Wow, those guys are amazing.

And today I saw a friend's blog post featuring this picture:

I thought it came from a magazine before I read it, but it actually came from this blog. I love it! I want an entry just like it. I want stairs to hang bats on. The black and white to me is just stunning. Maybe I can do something around my piano in my own entry, which is actually just part of my Living Room. Hmmm....I'll let you know what I figure out.

My poor husband can't be thrilled. Though my little home made wreath wasn't very expensive, it still cost a little money to make. And now I want to rethink and redo all of my seasonal decorating. Which won't be cheap. Somehow I don't think that is where he wants me spending our limited funds...who needs food and clothing, really?

Friday, September 11, 2009


I am feeling more patriotic this 9-11 than I have in the past.

At first I couldn't figure out why. My kids are all decked out in red white and blue for spirit day and at first it didn't hit me why they were dressed like that.(I was a little groggy from not enough sleep)Mitchell asked me why there was a flag in our yard. I wondered if it was possible that I hadn't explained it to this child. All I had to say was 9-11 and he remembered. Good. He does know.

When I found out about the attack 8 years ago I was not watching the news. I was watching Sesame Street. Rachael was getting ready for Pre School, Mitchell was crawling around the floor, and I was getting toddler Kindyl some breakfast.

Wendell called and asked if I had the T.V on. I informed him that of course we were watching PBS as usual. He told me to change the channel. "Which channel?" "any channel" So I did.

And watched a recap of the first tower. Then I saw the second plane hit. My reaction? "What are the chances of that?!" Yes, I thought it was an accident. Twice.

You may think I am a retard! But I was a little bit sheltered, and terrorism didn't even enter my head. Why would it? No one had done that before. I wasn't paying attention to politics; I had three tiny children at the ripe age of 24.

Now I am much better informed, but I am not sure that is a good thing.

That is why I am feeling more patriotic. Nothing makes you more thankful for your freedom than the fact that your liberties are in danger of being taken away....and America may not be the same country it once was.

I don't think I am the only one, either. I walked into Rachael's choir room today to pick up her dress. At first I thought I was walking into her old school where everyone wore uniforms. Old school colors? Red, blue and khaki. And the choir room was filled with red white and blue. I didn't see one person wearing anything else. We may all be a little more patriotic today...

An Overview of America and the 9-12 project

I really enjoyed this video and will probably watch it again. It is nearly 30 min long but worth it. You really mainly need to listen, so i could turn it on and go do my thing. I especially liked the explanation of the difference between a democracy and a republic. And this quote: "When the government starts doing something for one person it has to take from another to do so, and in the process gains control over both." Also helpful: How fascism and communism can't be considered far right. Very informative and useful.

Facebook | The 9.12 Project Main Event (Utah, USA)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Should I be Concerned?

That this child has been obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance?

O.K it is kind of my fault. I was looking up some dances I had missed on You Tube while Bren was on my lap. Now all she wants to do is watch "the dancers on the computer."

I am pretty sure she loves the outfits best. "Mommy, find me the one where the girl is wearing a white shirt and yellow shoes" Or "Hey, mom, I want to see the girl dance in the blue dress. Can I get that dress for my birthday?" "I can't get that dress huh mommy, because it would show my belly button."

She also loves the scary ones. Vampire dance? Fabulous. Everyone dressed as zombies? Great. She is mesmerized. Who is this kid?

I try to keep her from the most provocative ones. But I realize it's still probably not good....

Hey, she's 3. It all goes over her head, right? I tell myself that when she says, "Hey Mom! Want to see my Boom Boom dance?" ;)

My all time favorite:

You just don't see a man move like that often....

Brenley's definate favorite:

Appropriate? I know it. She just thinks it's funny when the boys use the pom poms. All over her head, right? She'll watch this over and over and over again.(Maybe I shouldn't have showed her how)

Any Bollywood style dance is the Cheetah Girls dance. This is her favorite in that style. "The Cheetah Girls dance with all the girls"

And this is:"The one with the white shirt and yellow shoes. Where they do the wormie and she grabs his belt. You know Mommy" Ya, I know. I love these two together myself. This is one of my favorites too....and Bren seems to be partial to hip hop.

Some of her favorites are surprising. Like this one:

It is probably her second favorite after the cheerleader dance. She LOVES it. I don't know why. Should I be concerned?

We probably need to spend some more time in the car, where the playlist consists of Abigail's lullabies and church songs....

The Brenners isn't feeling well today. Her "mouth hurts" (I think it is a sore throat, and she has a fever) So we have been doing this all morning.

The sacrifices we make for our children...