Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Saturday

For once in our lives we didn't do anything with family for Easter this year. My kids were very confused. We got back from Utah late Thursday. Rebecca was in the process getting home from Utah and quickly packing up the house to move before it is time to go to the beach house. Jannalee and Dan were at the Old Testament Trek for our stake until later Saturday. So were Joy and Dave. So if we were to do anything with our family either later Saturday or Sunday dinner, I probably would have needed to plan it. And well, I didn't. I'm a slacker. But don't feel too sorry for my kids.

Saturday morning we had a big ward breakfast, Easter egg hunt, and Easter games down at the stake center. The kids had a lot of fun.

Kindyl and Tangie did pretty well in the three legged race.

Then they tried out the sack race

Wendell and Mitchell kicked some booty in a tug of war . It was the men versus the kids on the last round, and the kids won so fast that I couldn't get a picture. Here are Mitchell's exact words" well, I was expecting more of a challenge, so I pulled too hard and ended up on my back." true story. He expected more of a challenge. What 7 year old talks like that? He is so funny.

When we got home we decided to dye eggs when Bren went to bed. We decided to kick it old school and dye eggs with plain old food coloring and vinegar. We should have tried this way before. I really like the color better.

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