Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

So I went out and picked up Easter dresses on Friday after we got home from Utah. It wasn't hard to find some cute ones, and it was fun to find the same dress for all three of the girls. And I loved the color. On Saturday I went to the ribbons and lace store to get some ribbon to make bows for the girls. This consisted of making two simple slide in bows for Brenley, and cutting long lengths of the same ribbon for the older girls to tie in their hair. This is about as fancy as I get, folks, and I felt pretty good about it until I saw crazy mama's website. I actually ran into her at the ribbon store where I spent about ten minutes and she must have spent hours. So in case you wanted to compare, I snapped this picture. Don't judge me too harshly. I did put clear nail polish on the ends so they wouldn't fray;)

Easter Sunday is super fun when you have four heads of girl hair to do and church starts at 8. We did get there in time, believe it or not, but we couldn't really get pictures before church. We did snap some after church, but our hair wasn't perfect anymore, and Bren's dress was dirty. Oh well. And the lighting outside wasn't great. Heaven knows I am no photographer.

It looks like Mitchell doesn't match, but he does. All of these greens are on a little pattern on the side of the girls skirts, but you can't really see it in the pictures.

I know it is a lovely shot of the pool skimmer in this one. But it was so cute...

Brenley made a really cute "hoppy" mask in nursery. She loves it!

After I got these dresses, I realized that I have a cute skirt in the exact same color. I got a picture of me with the girls, but I am afraid I am not attractive in it. My face already has that cute pregnancy bloat and I am not even 9 weeks yet. Fun!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

hey fun to run into you yesterday! and i did spend hours there. there was so much that matched i couldn't decide. ridiculous! um our church is at 11am. so yeah it was better than 8 am church. and my came over to help get people ready. which is super nice. she put dresses on while i did hair. at least you got a picture of you. we didn't and i'm not really sad about it. But we have gotten a shot every year as a family , so that is a bummer but OH WELL! that's why there wasn't one of me.
your kids are darn cute! love all the pictures. and i love coordinating kiddos! way cute.