Friday, October 16, 2009

In Your Opinion...

I have a little dilemma involving Rachael's report card.

I pay my kids for every A on their report card. (go ahead. Judge me.;)

This is usually a cut and dried procedure, and not that difficult to deal with. Other than a bit of a hit to our wallets.

This time it is a little different.

Rach got mostly a's this semester. She got two bs. One in Accelerated Math, and one in ELP Social Studies.

My first reaction is to pay her for the 4 she received. But the Bs were both in advanced classes. And she got As in her other two advanced classes. If she were in High School, and those classes were weighted, they would count as As, right?

And besides, it is her first semester in Jr. High. So maybe I should cut her some slack.

Her teacher comments were fabulous.

She has gotten all of her homework done this semester, a problem we have had with her in the past. And I am tempted to reward this behavior.

So the question is, do I pay her for 4 As or 6?

If I pay her for 6 does she not try as hard in her advanced classes in the future?

I know, hard question. (Wouldn't it be nice if this were my biggest problem right now?)

your opinion?

My Parenting Quote of the Day

"You have not failed as long as you have tried"

President Gordon B. Hinkley

Found in this month's Visiting Teaching address. go here.

Apparently there is a reason we are called to do our visiting teaching.

I have had a harder time healing from this surgery than I should have and have not been a very good parent.

I have thought to myself at least once this week,:

"That's it. I've totally ruined my kids"

And now I have a little hope.....

Friday, October 9, 2009

All Hail the Queen

That's right. It's Queenie's birthday today. No matter how hard I tried to will this day away, into the distant future it was not to be. My baby is growing up.

How did she go from this:

to this:

independent little thing.

Who told her she could grow up so fast? O.K. So she is still tiny. And she still likes a snuggle. But she also likes to walk and talk.

and say hello. And bye bye. and babble about the kind of day she has had...

More on the joys and sorrows of my baby growing up later. But for now it will suffice to simply pay homage to her majesty on her birthday.