Sunday, November 8, 2009


Honestly, I have a couple of deep and thoughtful posts to write that I would like to preserve for posterity. But I am going to procrastinate. This is a particular talent of mine. Instead I am going to post about Halloween, because it is easy and there are many pictures involved;)

(Abigail and Teichert playing on the little playground)

We started with a little Halloween pre party at Grunyon Run

(Trigg, crabby Brenley, and Addie on the big playground)

Where we had lunch, apple bobbing,

and pumpkin carving

And the finished products:

(Mitchell's, Rachael's, and Kindyl's)
Yes, that is the pi sign. Rachael wanted to carve a "pumkin pi". Hilarious. I know;)

and of course the best part, hanging out and playing with cousins.

(Callie and Rylie)

with the Queen smack in the middle of it all, of course.Swinging with her sisters
And mooching food from her aunties.

She knows she can get whatever she wants from Joy.

That night our ward holds a big neighborhood Halloween Carnival. We have dinner, games, prizes, cotton candy, you name it. It is always a good time.

Abigelli got a taste for cotton candy. I think she had two at one point. Heaven for a one year old.

Mitchell won a b b gun. I think that was his favorite part. I thought his nerd costume may have been a little too convincing....


We have a lot of adults in our ward who dress up and they are fantastic. Sometimes I have the nerve and gumption to do it myself and soemtimes I don't. I didn't take pictures because I thought it would be rude. But we had a couple of swine flus, a pretty cool cave woman, an awesome raggedy anne and Andy, some seventies couples, and my personal favorite, Popeye and Olive Oyl. Those two were perfect. I really wish I did have some pictures of them!

We brought the stroller for Miss Abigail to ride in, but guess who really thought it was the funnest?
After that Wendell took Mitchell and Brenley Trick or Treating and Abigail and I stayed at the house to pass out candy.

Rach was out watching a movie with her friends, (and too cool to dress up, obviously) and Kindyl went Trick or Treating with her friends.

Later we had to take down all of our Halloween decorations. I was sad to see some of them go. But it is nice to be able to keep the Fall decor.