Friday, April 11, 2008

Pregnant dreams

Crazy! I have the craziest dreams when I am pregnant. Nothing is out of bounds, and nothing at all has to make any sense.

The other night I dreamt that my mom and my sister were setting me up on a date with my 8th grade boyfriend. And that sister was pregnant. (Don't worry, this dream was rated G)This is physically impossible for this particular sister, and my mom is in Germany. It is weird on so many levels. I don't know what happened to Wendell, but in the dream I still had 4 kids and I was still pregnant. But I remember thinking in my dream, "He is 31 like me, I wonder why he never got married?" Now, this is funny, because I went to his wedding! and I know his wife and have met all of his kids. Nothing but strangeness and incongruity in this dream.

The next night I dreamed that we lived at South Carlsbad. That is the state beach we used to camp at when we were kids. Now, while it would be lovely to live on the beach, you could never live at South Carlsbad. There is too much dirt. And who can share a bathroom for that long? Anyhow, while we were living there, all of our meals were served to us. One evening we were served some kind of yellow alcoholic beverage. I thought it looked like lemonade, and I wanted to try it. Wendell didn't want me to. I had a sip anyway and it was disgusting. gross. If you ever want to try alcohol in your dreams because you know you never would in real life, don't do it. It's gross;)

The next night I dreamed that our good friend and neighbor came over. Now, why would this be strange, you ask? Well, recently I have been sick as a dog and the house has surely suffered. And even on a good day my house is never as clean as this neighbor's house. There has been a time or two that this guy has been to our house to drop something off or pick something up and the house was messy enough for me to be embarrassed by the view from the front door. That is just sad, I know. But in my dream he was all over My house. Messy kid rooms, cluttered garage and all. He was urging me to have a garage sale.;)

Anyhow, I am tagging all of you who are pregnant ( you know who you are. Marg, Kim, Melanie,Rhonda, am I missing anyone?) to tell me your weirdest recent pregnant dreams. I know you have them. And anyone who ever was pregnant, if you can remember yours, feel free to share.

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Rhonda said...

How funny! I have to say, I haven't had any crazy dreams yet. (But, then again, I usually have crazy dreams!) I try to tell you about it, if it happens! Thanks for playing in Bunco. It was fun to have you! I hope you liked it (& us)!

Holly Decker said...

you are hilarious.
i hope all is well with ya... :)