Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Renaissance Days

The Montessori classes at Mitchell's school decided to have a little mini Renaissance festival to correlate with the European unit they just finished. It was enlightening and a lot of fun!

The day started off with a little play depicting the caste system and the changes the Renaissance brought.

Next the kids were able to make their own crown and shield. They learned about how different families were depicted by different colors and crests.


Poor Mitchell got in huge trouble and ended up in the stocks! (j/k. he was very good the whole time. You can tell the kid is not really suffering.)

Here they are, the royalty of the school.

They had a very authentic spread for snacks. They had different types of breads and cheeses. And I mean ALL different kinds! I think the mothers enjoyed the cheeses the most. I know I did! It went perfectly with the sourdough, pumpernickel, rye, etc. And of course the super dark peasant type of bread.(yes, that IS the official name;)I hope there isn't anything to that warning to pregnant women not to eat soft cheeses!;)They had wine(grape juice) and Ale (as in "ginger") which was Brenley's favorite part. all kinds of fruits, and figs. Delightful..

Then the kids got to have their faces painted, and go around a real maypole!(O.K- confession time. Brenley did not want to wait to get her face painted. Or I didn't. Whatever. SO they had two kids sitting there painting faces with little grease paint crayons. They had like fifty crayons, and were only using maybe 4 at a time. So I asked them if I could just use a couple of crayons, and drew two flowers on Brenner's face. I was done in two minutes, and it was much easier then sitting in a long line!)

They really went all out, and did a great job. And a good time was had by all.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome activity. but you should totally not post where your kids go to school that is not safe. what if you had a stalker that wanted to steal or hurt your kids?

Samantha said...
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