Monday, November 24, 2008


My toddler and my cranky baby are both asleep. So I have decided to clean. I am proud of this decision.

But I am obviously not really going to do it! I am going to blog about the Twilight movie instead. C'mon, you've got to have priorities!;)

Rachael has been trying for over a week to earn the right to go to the new Twilight movie. As the week has gone by, my standards have gotten progressively lower. By Saturday night she just had to have all of her Saturday jobs done, her room clean, and be nice to her family hour. Well, I was ready to see it too!

We went to the 9:15 showing and it wasn't crowded at all. We got fabulous seats.

Honestly, I had a hard time not giggling through most of it. Even Rachael, who has read the book 11 times and loves all things Twilight, admitted that they should have added more humor. They tried to be serious all the time. I couldn't stand how heavy it felt! Or how awkward Edward was.

(Baby's awake. Typing one handed. Which we all should have been taught in school, by the way.)

I did have to use the restroom and missed,"the kiss". By Rachael's description, it sounded pretty intense. And maybe not appropriate for my 11 year old. I'm a bad parent. Hindsight.

Because I missed such a crucial part of the movie, Rachael refused to use the bathroom when she needed to. And she had a hard time enjoying the rest of the movie because she had to pee so badly;) So now she thinks she needs to go again.

I did actually enjoy it. The second half was much better than the first. More action and less silly intense looks. I loved the baseball game. And the rest of the movie after that.

And I thought Jasper was HOT! It's not his fault he always has that look on his face. He is trying hard not to eat all the people! You try it. I think he should have been Edward. Nothing against Ol' Cedric Diggory, but he WAS a little scrawny. And needed braces. Moving forward...

I have high hopes for the next movie. I think they will learn to add more humor. I think they will have a higher budget (seriously, whose idea was it to do this movie low budget? Did they not realize how hugely popular the books were?)and I think the young actors will learn to act better.

Will I watch it again in the theater? Probably not. But I am pretty sure we will buy the DVD.

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tracey said...

I concur whole heartedly. I laughed out lound when Bella stepped in front of the fan in the classroom and it was all in slow-mo with the wind blowing her hair. It was so over done I couldn't help but laugh. Elise nudged me and got upset with me: "Mom!! You don't understand.."

I'm going to be on the look out now for pictures of Robert Pattinson to check out his teeth... that is something I usually pick up on and it will bug me. Maybe that's why I don't think he's the hottie so many other people think he is. Could it be his teeth?? Must go now and search for pictures and check out his teeth :D

Rachael said...

u have to take me again!!! i couldnt enjoy it as much as i could have if i didnt have to pee so dang bad. plus, u have to see the kiss <3

Shelli said...

Yes, it was a great kiss -- about the same as in the book, really. I enjoyed the movie about as much as I enjoyed the books. The books are not high, artsy literature -- just a fun, guilty pleasure. The movie was the same for me. I didn't have expectations beyond that, so I enjoyed it.

It's funny -- I didn't like the Jasper character! I think it was the hair. I also didn't like Carlisle, although most people I talked to loved him. Go figure. Of course, they could never have gotten the casting perfect to coincide what millions of us have already conjured in our heads. I'll cut them some slack.

I'm looking forward to the sequel!

goingsome said...

Ok, I must confess. Haven't read the book, nor seen the movie. I will probably wait until DVD, though I am curious what the hype is about. Maybe I'll have to borrow the book/books from Lauri to see what the craze is about. :)

The Taylor Family said...

I went to see the movie with 8 crazy ladies at was a blast! And I'm dying to see it again. It was a little cheesy, but I liked it.

Marcie and Holly said...

Sherry- WE LOVED the movie! And we saw it again the next day and it was even better! Granted, it wasn't as good as the book, but they never are. And btw, you did miss a VERY good part!

macmommy said...

You did miss a good part, to me it seemed like it was the only time you got the intensity between them. Good movie, but a little smarmy. Would have been crazy about it if I was a teenager. They should have focused more on Bella/Edward than the Victoria, James and Laurent story. Overall good, think they will go above and beyond with the next one since they know they will get their return. I do agree with the whole Edward, he just didn't make my heart swoon ;0) Oh, I loved the tune they had him playing on the piano...would it have hurt him to tell her it was for her in the movie??