Sunday, November 2, 2008


I know I am missing a child! Rachael had a little drama. For her school dance/party she dressed up as the cutest Minnie Mouse ever. I should have gotten a picture, but I figured I would have a chance later. But I didn't.

Most of the costumes I use are borrowed from my sister Jannalee. Sometimes Rebecca. That is because these girls tend to make fabulous costumes and I do not. They have spoiled me and I have a hard time using cheap store bought costumes instead.

So the cutest Minnie Mouse costume was borrowed from Jannalee. On Thursday I got a call from Jannalee saying that her daughter changed her mind and wanted to be Minnie Mouse. Devastating to an 11 year old. We had a little crisis and Rachael almost boycotted Halloween. She even went to our ward/neighborhood party without a costume. In the end, she borrowed a poodle skirt for Trick or Treating and all was well.

(Kindyl, super cute pirate. You see what I mean about the costumes...)

(Mitchell, AKA Harry Potter. It is amazing how different he looks without his blonde hair. Not to mention hard to pick out of a crowd.)

We started out at our ward/neighborhood party. It is always a lot of fun. It is nice to see the families of some of our ward members. Many of our members have kids our age. We saw Rhonda and her cute girls, and Caryn and her cute boys. It is always fun to see those girls.

(Rhonda's little Talia with Abigail. These girls are only two weeks apart.)

I always love seeing what the grown ups come up with. It is so interesting to me because I just do not have the imagination or the inclination to come up with a costume myself. The one I loved best was a cute young couple dressed as Peter Pan and Wendy, with two cute little girls dressed as Tinkerbell. I don't know them, they are the kids of someone in our ward. (Caryn, I think you probably went to school with her) But I was very impressed.

(My cutest ladybug, Brenley)

(Abigail, tiny Jack-o-lantern. They don't make preemie costumes, so this had to do. I like it. Jannalee's Halloween bow pulled it all together, I thought.)

Then it got a little more complicated. Wendell had to help clean up, and the kids(O.K, I really mean I) did not feel like waiting around. So I rounded up the kids (easier said then done.) and headed for the car. Rachael and her friend Cami wanted to be taken to a party. But they weren't sure where it was. And I needed to get home and get the candy ready to hand out. We have a ton of kids come by our house, so I feel guilty if I am not there to hand out candy when the kids start coming around. But Bren and Mitch wanted to go Trick or Treating. Abigail was screaming to be fed. And I didn't feel like flashing the neighborhood. I basically needed to be three people, and I had no husband.

So Rach and Cami handed out candy while I fed the baby. and Mitchell snuck in for Trick or Treating with the Andersons. The girls had to wait until Wendell came home to be taken to the party. So W came home, took the girls to their thing, and then took Brenley Trick or treating. I stayed outside to hand out candy with the screaming baby. She just wouldn't cooperate. And all of the kids wanted to touch her. I was trying not to be mean. But now she has a cold. Nice.

Halloween. Not my favorite holiday. It is really only worth it for the pictures;)

When we were just about finished our friends the Princes stopped by. We haven't seen them much since our ward was split and we miss them. Brooklyn, Brenley and Courtney had an impromptu picnic in our rocks. They had so much fun sharing their candy! Abigail and Macy are only a few weeks apart and it was fun to see those girls together.

Then we peeled the children off the ceiling and sent them to bed!

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Dan and Jannalee and Family said...

Actually, Maranda knew she wanted the Minnie before the last minute. Remember, she wanted to be Hermione but then she told Mitchell that he could have that costume to be Harry Potter. Then the only other costumes that fit her were the pirate (Kindyl) and Minnie. Sorry for the mix up!

Crazymamaof6 said...

halloween is hard. especially with costume issues. and babies. but so fun to get together . and see old friends.

Caryn said...

It was so good to see you. And yeh, I know Wendi and I still cannot believe her hubby wore those tights! It was Barb Schild's daughter Beth Goodman. Dd you see the Mr Incredible and Edna Mode? That was my favorite.

Patrice said...

I am positive little Abigail was the cutest thing out on Halloween. I even held her, but I didn't have a cold so hopefully didn't give her anything.

The Northwest Bunch said...

Yes, Halloween. Is it not the most tiring experience ever.The costumes alone cause grief. I am glad that you had fun and survived.

Shelli said...

Glad it's over with! I cheated and didn't decorate this year, so I have no clean up -- wahoo! The kids have nearly finished off their candy -- only sweet tarts and dumdums left. Time to focus on Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Much better, I think.

Holly Janeen said...

darling darling darling...

what more can i say??

oh and thanks for following through and helping me get to connect with Patrice! :)

Samantha said...

Your children looked great on Halloween. Halloween is not my favorite holiday either. Thank goodness it is only for one day.

macmommy said...

Kids looked cute, glad you were able to retrieve them from the ceiling ;0) Love the picture of all of them on your header, too!! Someday we'll actually get around to a group photo of the kids.

Devan and Robyn said...

I am so impressed that you were able to pull it all off! I only have three children - mostly grown - and cannot seem to get Halloween put together... ever. It is definitely not my favorite Holiday! Your little Abigail is so cute! Robyn

Rhonda said...

They looked so adorable! I can't believe you could get 5 kids ready! I had a hard time with 2 & one wasn't even dressed up!
My favorite part was DEFINITELY Peter & Wendy (aka Sonny & Beth) HILARIOUS!