Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Sleepy

I have had about six other posts that I have wanted to do. But I have been dealing with a seriously high maintenance baby. And I am going a little bit crazy.

The last couple of days I have come to the dreaded realization that she is downright colicky. Dang it. I thought we had a deal. I go through the pregnancy from H and in return I get a nice, easy baby.

It didn't work that way. I am too old for this.

My poor husband and kids. I told them it would be better after the baby came. No more crazy, sick, cranky, useless, pregnant mom. Unfortunately they are learning that they only traded her in for crazy, fat, sleep deprived, cranky mom and a screaming baby.

They got swindled.

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Holly Janeen said...

which dwarf am i?
pretty sure if there was a "lumpy" that's the one i would be!

by the way, super cool that you have dr. garn connections...:)

Patrice said...

Oh, man, that stinks! Have you tried Mylecon Drops?

tracey said...

Hang in there! My #2 was colicky and #4 was down right cranky. I know it is enough to bring you to tears. Don't be shy about asking the pediatrician about acid reflux. My girlfriends baby took acid reflux meds and changed over night from colicky to sweety.
I'm with Holly... Lumpy :D

Danielle said...

I am so sorry! I agree to check for reflux and also try cutting out dairy for 2 weeks. I hope it improves.

goingsome said...

Oh, I had the colic problem with both kids. The oldest helped when I changed the formula to soy from dairy based formula, along with breast feeding. The youngest child did better when I watched what I ate, since I breast fed, as well as soy formula. The mylocon drops helped too, a little. Good luck. I feel your pain. Do I need to say which dwarf I am..........."Sleepy", of couse, does it get easier??? I hope so, please tell me it is so.

Julie H said...

Oh Sherry...I am sure it seems never ending.
Had a girlfriend that said she "lived" in a rocking chair. That her and her son would sit and cry together.
Hang in there girl and your friends suggestions seem very good!!

Shelli said...

Sleepy after a newborn? Shame on you! Don't even pretend that that's normal, and get back to being superwoman, girl!

OR ... cut yourself some slack, sleep whenever you can, pat yourself on the back for your endless reserves of love and patience, and get some sleep!

This too shall pass.

macmommy said...

I agree with the diet thing and mylecon drops, but I'm sure as a mother of 5 you've tried that. I couldn't eat chocolate at all with Kiara or it was a nightmare. I use to sit there with Ki over my arm patting her butt for 6-7 hours a day--always late night of course. I use to just cry right with her because I was so tired. Good news is it eventually passes, just never seems quick enough!