Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Cards!

My friend Melanie pointed out to me recently how lucky I was to have so many talented family members. The conversation went something like this:

"I love Abigail's bracelets, where did you get them?" "My sister made them for me"

"Where did you get her Halloween bow?" "Jannalee made it"

"Cute burp cloths!" "Jannalee makes those too"

Another friend pipes in-"She has a brother in law that is an orthodontist, that's handy." Yes, yes it is.

(I have another brother in law who is a pilot, which comes in handy sometimes too.)

"Now you need a sibling that does invitations and announcements" This was a funny coincidence. "I do! and she has a great eye and a talent I just don't have. She's my sister in law and I have a link to her website on my blog"

I am very blessed. My family is basically a mechanic away from being totally self sufficient;) O.K I am exaggerating.

But this conversation also reminded me that I needed to get crackin on my birth announcements. And Christmas cards. So I decided to combine them. This was no problem for Margaret.

I love it so much I can't stop looking at it. I think I will make it my new screen saver;)

The blog I have linked is mostly baby announcements, but she does Christmas cards, birthdays, anything really. You can choose from a layout she has or she will make you a totally custom design, like she did for me.

So if you want something new for your Christmas cards, it is time to check her out!At Tiny Tale Design.

I am tempted to show you my card , but I will wait for after Thanksgiving. Willpower!

5 people know I love comments!:

Little Red said...

Sweet! Thanks for the plug. I'm so glad you liked the card. I liked making it. It always helps when the photos are amazing and the kids are way cute!

Shelli said...

No fair! Patience is not my virtue -- I would love to see the card now! I'm glad they found Margaret's brother, by the way. Happy that prayers were answered.

tracey said...

I'm anxious to see. So glad you're happy with it.

Rhonda said...

Got to love having talented siblings! It means not having to do it yourself! Love it. By the way, email me when you get this. I need some advice on my card. Oh, & I want one from you. Hopefully that didn't sound to pathetic!

Mandy said...

I can't wait to see your card! Speaking of Christmas cards...I need your address!