Monday, August 4, 2008

Swollen Uvula? What!

Before you get too excited, your uvula is the little hanging thing in the back of your throat. You know, the one that you see vibrating when Disney charecters sing really loud. The word comes from the Latin word meaning "little grape", because apparently that is what they thought it looked like. Well that isn't what mine looks like right now!

So I woke up this morning unable to talk. Or really even breathe really well. SOmething is blocking my throat and it hurts like heck. I haven't had tonsils since I was 3, so I ask Wendell to take a look. My first thought is that my tonsils have mysteriously regrown themselves. Yes, it was that early in the morning;) It isn't my non existant tonsils. There is a perfectly good explanation.

My uvula is so swollen, it is blocking my throat. What the heck! How does this happen? So I googled swollen uvula. Apparently the most common cause is a long night of drinking and smoking, followed by dehydration and loud snoring. Sound like me?;)

The next is a bacterial or viral infection. Well, Wendell has been battling what he thought was another case of tonsilitis the whole time we were in CA. Fun. But he managed to transfer it to me around Friday. It started with a little sore throat. By Saturday night when we got home from CA, I had such a huge headache that I took some serious drugs. When those drugs wore off, I was left with a massive headcold. This is a ton of fun to deal with when trying to unpack and deal with everything left after a week of camping. Things to do, had to push through it.

Have you ever had a swollen uvula? Were you even familiar with the word? The only reason I even know it is because I have a sister who had major issues with it after she broke her nose. She couldn't even eat normally for a long time. If I remember correctly, she lost some stubborn weight. Somehow I don't think that will happen to me;)

So now I need to get over it. The kids start school in a week, and I refused to deal with it until after our CA trip. So now I have a ton of things to do! And I don't really function well on a good day lately. Hopefully it is something bacterial, and I can get some antibiotics.

Coming next, fun post about California! Woohoo!

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Vidal's Nest said...

When Tony and I were first married he was teaching me spanish and I thought I was being so tricky saying uvula in spanish thinking it was a dirty word. He laughed his butt off when he expained what it was! Oops Ü
Try gargling with warm salt water until you can see a dr

Mandy said...

I have never heard of that before! However, when I was preggers and couldn't take anything for my throat, my mother-in-law had me gargle with equal 1 Tsp dried sage steeped in hot water with apple cidar vinegar and honey. The vinegar disinfects, the honey soothes, and the sage reduces swelling. You could give it a try!

macmommy said...

You really should lay off the party girl routine while you're pregnant, Sherry ;-) Hope you getting feeling better soon, nothing worse than being sick with a bun in the oven!

Crazymamaof6 said...

that is no fun! i don't have a uvula anymore. well i do it's just stitched to the roof of my mouth. and tonsils can grow back. liberty has one that grew back a little. bummer.

hope you feel better soon and get all you need to done.

patrice said...

So that explains why I didn't see Mitchell on Sunday! I must admit I did a little gasp, and then realized what a uvula was. :o)