Monday, August 11, 2008

The Format's Back! Woo Hoo

O.K not exactly. But Nate is, and to me that amounts to pretty much the same thing. Some of you know that I dig a good concert. I love a good Killers concert, and Jimmy Eat World can always get me moving. but Format concerts are my favorite!

I was pretty sad when they split up. I could still listen to their music, but it just isn't the same thing. And knowing there would be no more new music was pretty depressing.

But I just found out that Nate (lead singer) has formed a group with two other guys. They start recording next month, and will release a new album later this year. I was able to listen to a demo, and I am impressed. Hopefully I will be hitting a fab concert right about the time I start losing this baby weight. Motivation, anyone?...

3 people know I love comments!:

Bryce Christiansen said...

Awesome. I love the format and was sad to see them go as well. Definately let us know if this new group with Nate has any shows or music released some time in the future.

Michelle said...

I got the same email!
Yea !!! ya ya ya ya yay !!!
*doing happy dance*
Let's lose the weight and go to a concert!
Fun. !!

macmommy said...

I already miss Cade's little orange head. I will do my best to keep Grant away from the phone till he is 100% ;)