Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Belly Hole and the Earth Quake

If any of you have been huge and pregnant at the beach, you may have figured out this little trick. I know I learned it from one of my sisters when I was pregnant with my first summer baby 10 years ago. you dig a hole in the sand roughly the size of your belly. Then you cover it with your beach blanket or towel, and voila, you can miraculously lay flat on your belly comfortably.

(Kindyl)(Mitchell and Connor digging what could be my belly hole, but isn't;)

So I am laying there in the sand, reading my book, feeling almost normal.(my niece Janee came up to me and said,"wow, Sherry, you look a lot skinnier when you lay in that hole." Thanks Janes;) I am thinking to myself, "why can't someone come up with a bed designed like this so pregnant women can sleep comfortably on their bellies?" While I am telling myself how impractical it would be to own a bed you can only use for a few months, it starts to feel like someone is shaking my bed. You know what I mean. Like you are in bed and one of your kids come up and bounces your bed a little bit. I lift my head up and look around a little bit, knowing darn well that no one could be shaking the ground a little bit.

(this is what I look like with my belly in the sand. wow, Janee is right! I look WAYYY skinnier that way!)

I lay back down and it happens again! I look around again and think to myself, "well we ARE in California. It could be an earthquake. If it was it would have to have been very far away." Then I think nothing more of it, go back to reading my book, and even fall asleep a little bit.

A while later my brother in law tells us there was an earthquake in L.A not long ago. Two of my sisters had felt it in their beach chairs. None of us felt anything strong enough to mention it to anyone else. But most of us, especially those in the water, didn't feel a darn thing.

It was the first substantial earthquake (5.4, not really huge)near a major city in CA since 1994.

SO my baby was in the ground during the earth quake. She may have felt it even more than any of the rest of us. Except she was surrounded by fat and amniotic fluid. O.K maybe not;)

Dislaimer: I know this is bugging you, so I will fess up. That picture is not really me. Which you would know if you have seen me recently. Like in the last 5 years or so. I'm pretty sure I didn't really have anyone fooled;)

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macmommy said...

Ha ha, I've never seen anyone dig a hole like that for the prego belly--too cute! Hope you are feeling better, nothing like getting kicked when you're down!

Scott, Amy, Jarom, Kayla, Ayden & Emme said...

Wendell and Sherry! How in the world are ya? I haven't seen you in years..........your family is beautiful!
Scott & Amy(Creach)Taylor

sherry said...

Scott and Amy! So good to hear from you guys! We would love to see how you and your family are doing. If you would like to add us to your blog invite list, our e mail is

Vidal's Nest said...

Smart idea putting your belly in the sand!
Hope you are feeling ok. We need to get together

Frankie and Krista said...

i Love the belly hole. It makes me want to go dig one in my yard just to lay flat. I miss that!haha Plus it helps you look skinny!haha

Dan and Jannalee Evans and Family said...

You must be that skinny girl on the left. She looks familiar.

Shelli said...

Oh, at first I thought you meant your belly hole caused the earthquake! ;) Glad I read the whole thing to clear that up!