Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Morning Meltdown

I know what you are thinking when you read the title of this post. Since most of you have children, and school just started yesterday, your mind probably goes to one of my children throwing a fit before school. Although we did have a minor temper tantrum before school involving P.E shoes, the major meltdown happened to me.

School has started, which means the Ginge is coming over. I'll explain. While the older kids are at school my grandmother (Mama Ginger) comes over once a week, usually while Brenley is asleep, so I can run errands etc. This is part of the reason I am too spoiled to take any of my children shopping with me.

Mama Ginger is one of those born organized people (for those of you flylady girls) and is naturally clean. However, she doesn't expect the same standards of cleanliness from me. Usually I settle for just having the family room and every place she can see from the couch being clean. And the bathroom in case she needs to use it. Really it is just for her sanity and safety. I know she can't stand sitting in a messy room, and I don't want her to get up and try to clean my house. She is a very active lady, but let's face it, she is 81 years old with a bad hip.

I have until 1:30. Plenty of time, you would think. So I start trying to get things habitable when the first round of kids leave for school around 7:30. Total Meltdown by 8:30.

I have basically been in bed my whole pregnancy. I have not been keeping up with the housework.(understatement) I have been pretty useless. But I do get up to do the laundry, and try to get a handle on things every once in a while, or at least yell at the kids to get their stuff done. Come on, I have a husband and 3 grown children that are perfectly capable of keeping things together if they have the smallest inkling. But Wendell has been sick himself and dealing with the sick children that I can't deal with. And the other kids just don't care.

There are certain things you don't notice when you are holed up in your room. Like the stove with caked on egg, brownie, etc. because you have been letting your 11 year old cook without supervising cleanup.(not to mention the micro, but we won't go there;) And tons of stuff under the entertainment center and couch. And all of the stuff piled on top of the entertainment center, because your children left it there when you asked them to pick up the family room. And tissue, paper, tooth brushes, etc. chewed up by your idiot dog. And the piles of dust. And your floors that haven't been done because you have been trying to get ready for the beach, going to the beach, and then getting deathly ill right after you get back from the beach.

Then there is stuff encrusted all over the island. And a box of kitchen things on the floor because you haven't unpacked it yet. And bags of groceries (non perishable) that haven't been put away. And misc. school supplies. Etc.

Anyhow, I just wasn't up for it. I couldn't do it. There was too much to do. The house is not fit for human habitation. Seriously. I can't even stand up for very long these days before I get dizzy. I am twice the size I should be right now, have trouble breathing and hyperventilating, and am showing serious signs of preeclampsia(which I had with Brenley). And the dizziness makes me hurl.

I am looking at basically two rooms that I cannot even make marginally livable. And I sat on my kitchen floor and lost it. Causing my 2 year old to panic. And pat my face and ask if I am O.K and can she please kiss it better? Parents shouldn't lose it in front of their kids.

I googled the rate of survival for a 28 week old fetus. I think I am willing to chance it. O.K not really. I'll have to give her a few more weeks.

I am not coming out of my room for the rest of the day. My kids are in for some serious work tonight.

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Vidal's Nest said...

I get like that too. I attempt to tackle the mess and I get so overwhelmed I start to panic. Crying, and just shut down. It almost makes it so I can't function! And~ I'm not even pregnate!
The ging will understand. Don't worry the people who care about you care about YOU not the house!
You would feel better if we had our lunch date you know Ü
Let me know when you are ready for it and what I can do to help!

Melissa Resch said...

hang in there Sherry!! You are almost there! !

Danielle said...

Oh Sherry I so know how you feel. My house has been nasty from me being so sick. Now that I don't have that anymore I am keeping my mind busy by deep cleaning every room in our house. I can't believe the filth we lived in. It will get better!


I cannot even begin to start on my house when it is too overwhelming. I just have to go to Brent and say I need help. I just can't tackle such overwhelming jobs. I am especially bad when I am pregnant because I am so emotional and tired all of the time. I seriously need a maid.

macmommy said...

You are pregnant, sick, and have 4 kids....give yourself some credit! When I was pregnant with Cade nothing got done, there's still weeks I want to run out of the house screaming. Do a chore chart and get the kids involved on what they wouldn't mind doing everyday. That way the everyday isn't just on you and Wendell. Hang in there, the time will be over before you know it (said the non pregnant lady).

Smithfamily said...

I am so so sorry to hear about your bad day....If it helps at all check out my blog, I am doing a one day a week drop in service. I put out a flyer on your door. Maybe I can help one day and your gram another....

Scott, Amy, Jarom, Kayla, Ayden & Emme said...

Sherry........I hope you get to feeling better!
We are in Syracuse, West of Layton. Next time you guys are up here (which I'm sure is after you have your baby), give us a call. We would love to see ya.

Shelli said...

I remember when I was five years old. My mom wanted me to clean up my toys from the hallway. She must have told me to do it a number of times, because she finally told me to get in there and clean it spotless! Well, my dad came in a while later and found me sitting there crying. He asked what was wrong, and I told him I was just little, I couldn't do it spotless!

Stop beating yourself up! You physically can't do it. Period. Let others have the blessing of stepping in and stepping up. This too shall pass ... and then, you'll find yourself helping some other pregnant mom who is overwhelmed and needs you!

Callie and Bryce Christiansen said...

Man that really sucks. You seemed so nice and healthy in California. Bummer.