Saturday, August 16, 2008

I've been tagged!

O.K, I know this is late. A couple of weeks ago I got tagged by my friend Mandy. But for some reason it seemed like a daunting proposition! Difficult questions, I guess, and my pregnant brain can't tackle them well. So cut me some slack. In a few months, the answers could be totally different. Here goes:

How To Play This Game of Tag:

Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!

3 joys:
1. My kids. especially my toddler's laugh. Right now when I feel so cruddy most of the time, I feel like her sole purpose in life may be to make me laugh. She is always saying funny things in her cute little toddler voice. Or doing something silly out of the blue. Or even just striking a yoga pose in the middle of the room for no good reason. Example: the other day, we were having family prayer. So we were all sitting around with our arms folded, heads bowed, waiting for Bren to get ready so we could start. We are all looking at her and waiting. She looks back at us and starts bocking. You know, like a chicken. "bock bock!" It was like she figured, if everyone is going to look at me I might as well give them something to look at! Goofy girl.
2. learning new things. I love to learn . I love to read about history. I love to read about politics. I love to read about places I have never been. I love to learn about anything I didn't know before. I am amazed by what fascinates me. I am not really happy unless I have learned something new every day.
3. The gospel. If I tried to list all of the good things I have in my life because of the gospel, I would have to write a book. I don't know how I could raise my children or face my challenges without the gospel in my life and the knowledge and comfort it brings me.

3 fears
1. That I may be ruining my children. That they will hate me when they are older because of something I am doing or not doing. I know that the plan revolves around free agency, and their fate is really up to them, but I worry that I am not the best example. I worry that they will come back to me and say they wish I was more this or less that. That I am not giving them everything they need. And they will need years of therapy as adults;)
2. That I have hurt some one's feelings without knowing it. I am afraid I can be more abrasive than I think I am. I am afraid I could lose friends without knowing why.
3. scorpions;)

3. goals:
1. To have family prayer and scripture study every day. We are not at 100% right now. And Family Home Evening.
2. To go back to school. I know it will be a lot more expensive now that Wendell doesn't work at UOP anymore. But I think it is worth it.
3. To work my way back into my regular exercises routine. I realize this will likely happen AFTER the baby is born. But I keep thinking I can start working my way up right now. I could at least be doing some yoga! My gym membership is sadly underused. Yet I won't put it on hold in case I start feeling wonderful tomorrow. Well, you never know!
3 current obsessions/ collections
1. redoing my bedroom. I decided to redo my bedroom about two years ago. I started buying things in the new color palate, and getting things planned the way I wanted. I told myself I would repaint and get it finished as soon as I got my bedroom organized the way I wanted it. Now I have everything I need, and it has been two years. It is still the messiest, most disorganized room in the house. Now I have it in my head that if I don't get it done before this baby gets here, I will have a nervous breakdown. I will. I have a hard time getting anything done, especially something I haven't been able to accomplish in the last two years. But I am chipping away at it. And hoping when I am done removing clutter and getting things organized, I will have help painting my room and bathroom, and will be able to get it all done. If I have to look at these mustard yellow walls while I am dealing with a new born, I will lose it.
2. Acquiring cute baby girl clothes. In my head, the only thing that will make it O.K to have yet another girl will be being able to dress her dang cute. Thanks to my lovely SIL and a good friend, I am on my way. There is just one stash left I have my eye on. I have been a little obsessive about this stash, as some of you know. And I need some really cute bows and jewelry.
3. Wendell says I am obsessed with blogs.

3 facts about me:
1. I grew up one of 11 kids. Most of us still live around here.
2. When I am upset I use Jane Austen as therapy. If you hear the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice playing in the background, I am using it to calm myself. Nothing is more reassuring than a British accent and subtle 19th century humor. If it gets really bad, I start rereading all of her novels.
3. I am not naturally creative, but I love to create things. This leads to a lot of copying. I copy scrapbook layouts. Other people's craft ideas. baby paraphernalia. You name it. I am a copier.

Well, that is probably more than you wanted to know, and more than I wanted to tell you. But that is kind of the point, I think.

Now I am tagging Laura, Robyn, Dani, Shelli,and Rhonda. And anyone else who wants to do it, feel free;)

8 people know I love comments!:

Shelli said...

I highly recommend a tape called "Yoga Mama." It is yoga designed specifically for the pregnant body, and it feels so good! I used it with Gavin, and his was my easiest delivery ever.

Also, I have a philosophy -- I believe our children are sent to us not just because of our strengths, and not in spite of our weaknesses, but because of our weaknesses, too. None of us is perfect; our children need the special challenges that our mistakes present them as much as they need all of our successes. You are exactly what your children need to help them find their way back home to Heavenly Father.

twin2trip said...

Well hi there Sherry!! Thanks for the nice comment. Can you believe it has really been that long since highschool? I can't believe you have an 11 year old. Cute family!!! Did you marry somebody from Mesa? Do you still live here in Mesa? I love this blog thing because it is so fun and it is a very low maintenace way of keeping up with people. Anyway take care especially with the new one on the way. Christina

the lucas' said...

It was so good to hear from you. Jenn called me and told me she was playing bunco with you...too funny,small world. Your family is so cute, I can't believe how time flies. I loved your post about "quote of the day" it was so funny. I know exactly how you feel, I've had a few horrible, horrible pregnancies and done the inactive/send kids to church thing. =)Oh... We live out in QC/gilbert area, how about you?

The Brustads said...

Syracuse is probably an hour from Provo............
see you soon? Ha Ha

The Taylor Family said...

My mom is up here, in Clinton. Is Wendell planning on coming up for the mission reunion next year (??!!)? It would be fabulous to get together with you guys....Remember our skiing trip right before you got married? That was years ago.

Vidal's Nest said...

I worry too that i am screwing up my kids but so far they have turned out great so I have hope!
I have a gym membership too and have been unwilling to let it go since i know I will get back there. It's just a question of when!

macmommy said...

Haha--no I'm (I should say we're) very sure of not having more kids! Completely thankful that we have Cade, but I was sure before him. I'm pretty indecisive on the little things like paint, food, etc...stick with the major decisions (especially one's that involve surgery) =) I'm hoping we can get more of the family to blog, it is funny how much more you learn about everybody. I'm glad to hear the clothes helped, glad someone I know can get use out of them! I almost cried over the little pink and black dress with the polka dots..such a dork. I can still see Kaylee in that one, I bet you're little girl will be adorable in it too!

Mandy said...

Wow! Your tag was much more insightful than mine. Your fears really touched me because I harbor the same ones! I just have to believe that the atonement will take care of any screw ups I make. My kids will forgive me (with years of therapy)and I'm sure Heavenly Father will inspire someone to make up for any lack of teaching that occurred. By the way, I think you are doing an incredible job...just look at your first goal. For some that isn't even a priority!