Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some input. please.

I read an article in Newsweek this week about therapists that have been advising their patients to blog. Blogging is good for your mental health, apparently. Since we all know that I always need a little help with my mental health, I have decided to blog more often. And my cousins have been a good influence. It has been so fun to look into all of their blogs and reconnect with them.

So I need a little advice. Since I have been so sick I haven't really been out much. I am kind of a social recluse. Since I don't get to see and talk to real people very often, I thought I would ask for advice on my blog. I know it doesn't really get seen by a lot of people, but it gets seen by the people that count, right?!

Braces: I had planned to get braces back on as soon as I stopped hurling. I figured, if I am already going to be fat, I might as well be fat and ugly all at the same time.

My teeth have always been my best feature. O.K, really my only good feature. Your teeth never get fat;) I have yet to have a cavity. They are naturally strong, and thanks to the miracle of orthodontia, they are usually quite straight. I noticed a few years ago that my bottom teeth were going a little crooked, so I got new retainers and my brother in law, Dr. Garn, shaved down the sides and tweaked the retainers enough to put my bottom teeth basically in line. At the time, one of my front teeth was longer then the other, so he shaved it down. Unfortunately, when my teeth started to go into alignment, the short tooth came up front and started to look longer, leaving my shaved tooth too short. And another tooth is looking shorter too. And I have a bottom tooth that is pushing a top tooth forward.

If you couldn't follow that logic, basically my teeth have more problems then a tweaked retainer can fix. I need braces. But only for about six months. So, should I get them on now even though I am still barfing and miserable? Might as well since I am fat and miserable anyway? Or will the pain from the braces be enough to put me over the edge? Should I wait and get the braces on after the baby comes and things are back to "normal"? From what I have seen, adults with braces are way bigger wussies then the kids are. They whine and complain about the pain and even lose weight(yeah!)

So, in your opinion, should I do it now or later? Any one can chime in, even if I don't know you.

Baby names: I am having a hard time with cute baby names. I remember asking my mom once why she named me after herself. She said something about having so many girls, she couldn't think of another girl name!(yes, I realize she was probably kidding) I am starting to see how that is possible. I have already used the girl names that I like. I need a really cute one to kind of take the sting out of having one more girl. I need something a little different. Here's what I am thinking:

Some may be a little too boyish. Like:

There is one more too, that I loved, but I have a good Friend with a boy that name, so I am not allowing myself to think about it anymore. Out of respect. What do you think, are these too masculine?

Some I love but I think may be too plain/normal.

What do you think? Sometimes I don't tell anyone the names I am thinking of, because frankly, I don't care if other people like it or not. Some names you learn to love when you love the person that is named it. But this time I need some input.

Do you have any cute/unusual names in mind? The name Brenley wasn't in any name book when I named her, so what other cute names are out there that aren't in the name books? I would love to hear them. Thanks!

12 people know I love comments!:

sherry said...

mom ur crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! u think of the weirdest names!!!!!!!!!! go with violet or rosie

Rachael said...

ugggggggggg!!!! that was supposed to be rachael!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle said...

I love that your daughter is commenting on your blog! Welcome to the 21st century right. As far as braces the last thing I want when I feel this crappy is to have someone sticking their hands in my mouth. I can barely brush my teeth without gagging so I would hold off. Plus who wants pain on top of puking? What is a few more months anyways. I say do it when you are in the sleep deprived, I don't care what I look like, new baby stage.

As for names I am not too creative. We go for the traditional names so no help there. Maybe you would like my nieces name, Kambri or the other version is Kambria. I will try and think of others and email ya if I do.

Shelli said...

Yeah, I would wait -- I couldn't stand to brush my teeth when I was puking, let alone think of someone putting their hands in my mouth! As for baby names -- my kids are kind of unusual, Kyara Danyelle, Johnette Iyshe, Anneli Jo, Gabriel Teancum. We got a lot of our inspiration from bands we like (Johnette Napolitano, from Concrete Blonde, and Peter Gabriel). Iyshe (pronounced Eye Shu, not Eye EEE Shu) is Turkish for Christ (or so I was told). I like Dehlia, traditional but not too common. Sometimes, I just had to wait until my baby got here before I could tell what their name should be!

Vidal's Nest said...

Your teeth look fine to me. Are you sure you need braces? Maybe you are just feeling bad so you are looking for something to help you feel better. Seriously they look good!
If you do decide to do them wait. I think you will gag!
I will keep thinking of names and email you a few~

Crazymamaof6 said...

i vote on waiting too! GAG O RAMMA!
and i like Delaney and Ainsley. totally not boyish.
i like the different names. and no they aren't too boyish. i have an Avery around the block, GIRL.
good luck picking.

Angela said...

Sherry, congrats on having another girl. You are obviously a good girl mom!! ;) I agree with the others on waiting on the braces. I would totally gag and throw up on the people sticking their hands in my mouth and trying to get an impression... forget it!

As for names... I like different too. Ainsley is super cute and I've got a niece and neighbor named Avery. In other words- not too masculine. I do however know an Emerson that is a boy. What about Emery?

Dan and Jannalee Evans and Family said...

Chandler likes Rose, and Valerie. Then he said "you're turning violet, Violet". Hanna likes Elizabeth because you can call her Lizzie, I like that too. I also liked DeLaney and Ainsley. We had a friend that named their daughter Kambri, which is very cute. You can always name her Jannalee =)

Smithfamily said...

DeLaney is my top pick...As far as braces go Ihad them on when I had Karly. I never thought I would be having kids and braces but oh well. I say the sooner the better...Get it over with..

Melissa Resch said...

I love Emmerson and call her Emmie.. Wait on the braces....Do it post baby... I still like Lainey too.....


I say go with the name you love. Who cares if your friend has already used it? It is your decision. I am such a pill about it that I think that if I have a girl, we are going to name her the same name as one of my siblings kids. The only thing I worry about is if I should let them know beforehand or just let them find out once it is done. Your friend will either get over it or talk about you bad behind your back. Either way, you won't know and you will have the name you love.

Mandy said...

I definately think you should get braces! You will NOT feel like getting them after the baby comes!

I have had girls with the names Avery and Chayse in my classroom and they were very girly and smart. Those are names I could actually use--some names are off the list due to bad behavior!