Thursday, July 17, 2008

He's gone.

Heavenly Father called Kanon home at 7. His transplant was successful but his little body couldn't handle the treatment. He was such a fighter and gave it all he had. We will miss his sweet smile, and his sweet little angel spirit. His family still needs our prayers.

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SmokeyAngel said...

Hey Sherry...Thanks for the info on this cute family.
I posted a comment to them. I never know whats good to say or when to post something. I know they have tons of things to do and life will be hectic for them for awhile. Maybe the posts of comfort will help at a later date when they have time to reflect more on it all.
I here you are doing OK if not stellar with this pregnancy. Hang in there. Your family is getting so big!! They are all adorable
Julie Hatch (Lauras Mom)

Vidal's Nest said...

So sad! My heart goes out to them!I just can't imagine. I need to go snuggle my little ones and say a prayer of gratitude!
We will keep them in our prayers!