Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Mom's Home!

(the older grand kids made this sign at our last family dinner)

And we are glad she is back, for however long we get her. And, good news, she still speaks English! I was a little afraid she had gone totally German on us because she liked it there so much, but she came home and fit right in!

We picked mom up at the airport late Friday night, and took her to Tantrum so Callie could do her hair. The hair stylists in Germany are just not the same and cost a lot more money. Saturday morning she got released, and then got to give a talk at Saydee and Janee's baptism.

( Mom and a smattering of sisters)
And of course, you can't have a homecoming without a big (or huge) family party! We were all there, with our families, except my oldest brother who lives in Utah and couldn't get away.

My poor mom! How hard it must be to return to AZ after 18 months away in the dead of summer! Luckily, she will be off to the beach tomorrow.

(cousins lined up to be bounced sky high. Rachael's turn!)

(Russell and Tiffany) (The Ginge always knows how to party!)

(Bren behind the little waterfall hangin' with dad) (Zan having fun!)

One thing I can say for our family is we eat well when we get together! We had good food and great fun. Now I can't wait for CA!

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