Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kindyl's production

I know this is old, but I had forgotten to take my camera with me this night, so I had to e mail my neighbor to send me hers.

The third graders at Kindyl's school did a patriotic musical production at the end of the year. (like Kindyl's red white and blue scarf?) Kindyl's class all wore red, another class wore white, and you guessed it, the last class wore blue.

It was a fun production, and Kindyl had a great time. She was very proud because she was the only girl in her class to be picked for a special duet (which turned into a trio. Two boys.) They had special tryouts and everything. We have had Kindyl in voice lessons, and she loves to sing.

It was a fun night for the whole family!

(Kindyl and our cute neighbor Brittany)

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Mariah said...

the "blue" would be my class nice!