Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why am I blogging?

As you can see, I tend to be a list maker. I thought I would kind of start this brand new baby blog by stating my reasons for blogging. O.K- that scene from Pride and Prejudice just snuck into my head. The one where Mr. Collins is proposing to Elizabeth and he feels he must first state his"reasons for marrying". And yes, I do feel almost as silly;)

  1. Religion. We have been told we are a peculiar people. (some of us are more peculiar then others, it's true) As L.D.S women, we are supposed to be in and not of the world. As I have read other L.D.S blogs I have been comforted by the fact that there are so many other women out there that are so similar to me. We are raising our families, and living our lives and struggling to keep ourselves and our families safe and happy and strong. Along these same lines:

  2. Accountability. For example-at the moment I am trying to do the President Hinkley challenge and read the Book of Mormon in 97 days. Daily scripture study is not my strong point. I have never been consistant enough to actually read my Book of Mormon every day. This is something I need to work on, among other things. I am going to try to find some kind of tracker to post on this blog to keep track of my progress. That way, the shame of my inconsistency and faithlessness will be open for anyone who happens to stumble accross this blog to see. I think it will help with my motivation.

  3. More pictures. As I mentioned before, I am a scrapper. I am currently 3 years behind in my scrapbooking. Because of this, I don't pull out the camera as often as I ought to. And I almost never pull out the camera unless kids are involved. Example: Last month Wendell and I spent 4 days in Vail, Colorado. We went with Greg and Rebecca, and it was a fabulous ski trip. Vail and all of the little villiages around it were beautiful and the skiing was spectacular. Wendell's mother flew down from Utah to take care of the munchkins (Thank you Ellen. You are the queen of selflessness and we love you:)and we didn't have a care in the world. And we didn't take one picture. Not one. It is almost like the trip never happened. We have nothing to prove it. That has got to stop.

  4. My mom is in Germany. And I am notoriously bad at e mailing her. She has less than 6 months left to go on her mission, but it will be nice to let her know what is going on in our little family during that time.

  5. All of Wendell's family live out of town. Some in Gilbert, some in Payson, Some in Utah. This way they can keep up with our family should they feel the urge.

  6. We have been told to keep a journal and I have never been able to do it. I went through a couple of short phases when I was younger, but nothing significant. And, of course, most of the little that I wrote as a teenager had to be burned when I started having kids so that there would never be a chance of them finding out I have ever been less then perfect;)

  7. The social aspect. I have really enjoyed reading the blogs that some of my friends have sent me. I am sorry I never left any comments. I didn't even have a google account until yesterday. That will all change now. Probably.

  8. And lastly, which perhaps I should have mentioned first, it is the particular recomendation of my noble patroness Lady Catherine De Burg....wait a minute. Back on Pride and Prejudice. Of course I mean the BBC version with Colin Firth. By far the best version. Yes, I do watch it and read it too often. It is a kind of therapy for me. Cheaper then a psychologist;)

2 people know I love comments!:

Booker Bean said...

What good reasons! We're so glad you started a blog.

Rhonda said...

Yea!!!! You came over to the dark side! I was hoping you'd start a blog. It's good to keep up, since I don't see you that often. Don't worry, you're well on your way, to becoming a blog expert! My blog's barely creative, and I plan to change that. (When I get the time that is!) You should check my sister's out. Caryn's is so much more exciting! Well, I'd better run! Blog you later! ;)