Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kids and politics: Qubo vs. CNN

It's Tuesday. Just one week after "Super Tuesday" and sadly so much has changed. Because this election seems so much more important than any other we have been through, apparently we have discussed it enough for the kids to notice. They tend to respond in different ways.

Mitchell: Mitch probably pays more attention to the convversations Wendell and I have than the other children. At least when it concerns politics. Last Tuesday we had the T.V tuned into CNN (obviously) late into the night. Before we came to bed, Wendell made sure the T.V was tuned into Qubo or Disney channel before he turned it off so that when our children wander into the family room at 5:00 a.m and turn on the T.V they are not greeted with the news. Well, when Wendell got up for work and heard the T.V he went in to find Mitchell glued to CNN. He isn't watching the story, (about tornados killing many people) he is reading the little ticker. He says, "Hey Dad, hold on, I think it just said Mitt Romney won the delegates in Massachusettes!"Forget cartoons, this 7 yr old knows his priorities;)

Rachael: They had student voting on Tuesday. I'm curious to know who Rachael voted for. She says, "Well I wasn't sure who to vote for , but I know we are Republicans, so I voted for that guy with the funny name that I heard you talking to yourself about the other day." Let me translate that for you. 'Mom talking to herself" means ,"Mom talking to me about something I don't really care about." "that guy with the funny name" Means Mike Huckabee. Can you believe that? Mike flippin Huckabee! When she wasn't paying attention to me "Talking to myself about the guy with the funny name" I was railing against that darn Mike Huckabee who can't truly still believe he has a shot at the presidency, he just doesn't like Mitt Romney (or Mormons in general, for that matter) and wants to derail him. This is who my first born voted for. Apparently politics are not so important to 10 year old girls;)

Kindyl and Brenley are still keeping their political opinions to themselves.

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Spence said...

Eh. When I was that age, I voted for Bush over Dukakis. Much as I can't stand his son, looking back I would've made the same decision. But then, it was Mike friggin' Dukakis. The point of this story is, I remember who I voted for.

Now that I think about it, I was 10 at the time. Goes to show how politics permeates everything.

On third thought, they didn't give us any third party options. I would ask if Rachel had any, but I suppose it is the primary stage. Let me know when the General "Kids Vote" comes around. I'm curious if they brainwash them into submission to the two-party system this young.