Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since our Anniversary and Valentine's Day are only a few days apart, they usually kind of get blended together. So for Valentine's Day I thought I would post a couple of wedding pictures. Since our wedding was 12 years ago, before digital cameras, that would mean scanning, and the scanner with our new printer is only black and white. So I decided to just turn my blog pink and list five nice things Wendell has done for me lately that he didn't have to do:

1. He filled my car up with gas. He almost always does this. I can't tell you how nice it is to know that I will not run out of gas unexpectedly when I am driving carpool

2. He went out of his way to get me the soda I like. (try finding vanilla diet Pepsi these days). This too happens most of the time. Wendell does a lot of our grocery shopping and is often just picking up something he knows I would particularly like but will not necessarily buy for myself.

3. He has been making sure that my Jane Austen movies get taped. PBS is airing a new Jane Austen movie every Sunday right now. Most of them are new, and all but Pride and Prejudice are versions that I do not currently own. He actually went out especially to buy VHS tapes so that we could tape them. My good friend Crystal is getting them on her DVR and puting them on a dvd for me, but Wendell is taking no chances.

4. He put all of the Christmas decorations up inthe attic without me even asking him to.

5. He has been taking care of dinner for our family for the last....well three months. I've been a little crazy since my surgery in November and meal prep is always the first casualty. He hasn't even complained.

It's true, I'm a very lucky girl;)

Valentine's Family Home Evening

Kindyl is a great FHE leader

Kindyl was in charge of our Valentine Family Home Evening lesson and she had some great ideas. The kids all wrote each other Valentines beforehand, telling what each of them liked about the others. This is always a good idea, because sometimes our kids forget that they like each other at all! It is nice to remind each other and themselves how lovable they all are. We shared scriptures about the Saviors love, and then passed a card to each family member. On it we listed our favorite things about each other in one or two words. Here are our results:

Brenley: cute,loving; sweet;the other most awesome person on Earth(cheater); chunky monkey;)

Mitchell: cool, strong voice;cool, smarty pants;speaking up (can you tell Mitchell was kind of loud on this particular night?); Pays attention; cool (I think we can all agree that Mitchell is "cool")

Kindyl:kind, friendly;funny, thoughtful; thoughtful; pretty;funny,thoughtful; good with art(are you sensing a theme here?)

Rachael: Nice; stands out;passionate, clever; responsible sitter; The most awesome person on Earth.

Mom: beautiful;kind;beautiful, caring; gentle, caring

Dad: wise; nice, helpful;cool, nice; good provider

I must say the personal cards written by the kids were much better,but some of those kids read this, and said they would be embarrassed. So this will have to do:)

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Crissybug said...

Wendell really is such a thoughtful person.

It will be nice when my kids can participate in a FHE like that. These days we are lucky to get a story in. :)