Wednesday, February 13, 2008

11 year old girls

(these are random 11 year olds. I don't even know who they are;) )

You know how girls this age always seem to be giggling or laughing? Well, I've figured out why. They say hilarious things! I was able to listen in on a conversation this morning. In the interest of privacy, which I have found is very important to 11 year old girls, I won't tell you which girls I am talking about. Excerpts:

Girl 1: "I only had $30.00 on my dresser this morning and there used to be 40."

Girl2: "I know what you mean, I am missing like $8.00"

G1 "That's wierd."

G2, looking at Brenley, sitting innocently eating her breakfast:"I think the babies are behind it." She is referring to 2 yr old Brenley and her own 18 month old sister. "I think they sneak in and steal our money and play games with it(pretending to be the babies) 'Do you have any tens?' 'no, go fish'"

G1, giggling, "yeah, when we get together for dinner they all meet in the corner (we have about 5 babies around this age in our family right now. This is who they are referring to)with their loot and play their games. "

G2"my mom is like, probably missing about a million dollars" G1 "Yeah, and my mom is missing like, thousands, never suspecting Brenley. he he he.."

Then later, talking about friends and their mothers:

G2- talking about when friends at school see her mom" I know, last week, K---- said,'is that your mom? she is so pretty, I love her hair color"

G1- "I know, my friend B----said,'your mom looks like she's like, 12' (I was 20 when I had her. No wait, I mean 13;) I said ,'is that a compliment?' she said it was. It was so funny."

"-----'s mom is like, old,and has really big curly hair and she has to be careful not to hit her hair on the ceiling, I think. She's like, a Simpson. "(She's never been allowed to watch that show, ever, but apparently knows what the characters look like.) In a high voice," Oops, I need to duck, I'm going to mess up my hair, oh no"

I know I need to reprimand her for not being nice, but I am laughing too hard at the moment. And she is not usually one to make fun of people behind their backs. Parents, however, must be fair game. By the time I regain my composure she is talking about how she needs to keep some of her cash for school. She is anonomously buying a Valentine gram for a kid in her class that everybody makes fun of. G2 is sworn to secrecy. By this time I have forgotten about the reprimand. Oh well. What can you do.

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Samantha said...

Girl? What are you going to do with them? That was the funniest conversation I have read or heard from young girls in a while. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I didn't know you have one too. Maybe we can keep in touch better this way.

Kim said...

I am so excited that you have a blog. I miss everyone. We do need to do a dinner. Sorry it hasn't happened yet.

Frankie and Krista said...

Hey sherry! I am glad you found me. I was just asking Jason if he had heard from you guys in a while? e mail me so we can call each other and catch up. If i did this right your reply will go to my email!haha tell Wendell hello!!