Sunday, February 17, 2008

Adventures with the dog

Brenley has been starting to talk in complete sentences lately. it's actually pretty funny. It was like one day she just decided to speak in sentences, and that was that. This is the sentence I heard yesterday from my bedroom:

"Moooommmy...I 'tuck in here...."

Just nice and calm. She had climbed in the dog cage and locked herself in. Ooops. Of course afterI pulled out the camera she became a lot more comfortable.

Sometimes I forget why we even have a dog. For some reason, in my head, a chidhood is not complete without a dog. I don't like dogs. They stink. And they are needy. And they have to be house trained. Why bother? For some reason, in my head again, I feel like kids need unconditional love. Of course, we as parents are supposed to provide that. But dogs are just different. Dogs don't ground you. They don't get mad when you sass back at them. They just love you. For no good reason really. And my Kindyl LOVES animals. They flock to her. They adore her. Kindyl needs a pet. Rachael and Mitchell enjoy her too. But I think Brenley is the one who really benefits.

I had my last two kids 5 years apart. That means my older three children are at school all day, and I have a two year old at home by herself. Maisy is her only playmate. It always cracks me up to see Brenley running down the hall giggling as Maisy chases her. Or giggling as they wrestle on the couch. Or hearing Brenley say, "Saisy, BACK OFF" (I don't know where she gets this last one.) Bren and "Saisy" are good friends.

2 people know I love comments!:

Kim said...

I can't believe how big she is getting and her hair is getting so long and cute.

Crazymamaof6 said...

that is too cute. love when they can tell you they are stuck. good thinking getting pictures of her in the cage. AND i agree on the pet thing. we have our dogs too. and they are just fun. if you feel sad or picked on you can always go hug your dog. and not be alone. i came to you.
thanks for the email . feel free to comment anytime. your kids are adorable.