Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving- Sherry's Family

What can I say- The Grunyons (Garns/Dunyons) throw a great party. After hosting Wendell's family at my house Thursday I understand about 1/3 of what they do every single holiday. Not to mention every other week for family dinner. Grand total: 29 kids (first cousins) and 16 adults.

I got off easy on Friday. We were only in charge of potatoes, gravy, and pickles.(I only brought dill, not sweet. My bad.) I admit- I signed up for potatoes because I knew Wendell would do them for me. Another basically stress less day.
(Joy's going to be mad at me for posting pictures inside their temporary dwelling while homes are being built. AKA the"scary house")

The spread at the Grunyons was AWESOME! There are so many of us, we get a variety of favorites. Margaret made too much for their Thanksgiving, so they brought a few extra things. We had three turkeys, (you outdid yourself this year, Greg) orange rolls by Jannalee (my favorite, she has perfected the roll to orange goo ratio), two kinds of homemade stuffing (Reb and Marg),squash salad (which I had seconds of. Loved it, I need the recipe Brianne) strawberry pretzel salad, corn pudding, (both by Margaret), Callie's sweet potatoes (may as well be dessert. Delicious),and her regular rolls, pecan pie (MG with Rebecca supplying homemade crust)Joy's famous pumpkin pies, and some regular pumpkin pies by Russell and Tiff. What am I missing? A relish tray. I think there was a spinach salad too, but I can't remember. TONS of food. But some of us missed my mom's turkey.

The babies climbing up the bouncy slide. Addie, Brenley, and Zan. With Maranda at the bottom, and Janee at the side.

Of course the bigger kids love it too. Mitchell, Kindyl, and Tate joined in.

Don't forget the famous Dora bounce house! Booker Brenley and Zephyr having fun inside.

Some of my favorite things about getting the family all together for Thanksgiving: getting to play together! The kids do such a great job playing together, and mostly leaving the adults to sit around and chat.

(Clark's head, Rebecca, Dan's head, Jannalee)
This picture is funny, because Jannalee's recent quirk post mentioned that she talks with her hands. I never noticed, but I believe her!

Russ, Tiff, and baby Riley. And half of Brianne..

Bryce and Callie. And part of Brianne again. Sorry Brianne...

My view most of the day: I love it.

I also love watching how the kids play. Rachael, Kinsy and Dani are apparently not germophobes. They are playing a game with an ice cube. One of them spits it into the air,(pretty darn high) and another one catches it. These kids have some mad skills...Dang- I thought I had a pic but they are all videos. I don't know how to do that yet. I know Rebecca got a good picture, I'll steal it from her later.
Booker playing with Trigg. Obviously, Trigg got cold;)

Kindyl and Andria on the rope swing.

Riley, Teichert, and Abigail. Even the babies play together!

After dark the real games began.

The kids about to start the wheelbarrow race. Kylee and Chandler won. Mitchell and Tate came in second.

They were all awesome! The adults played also. Callie and Chandler won, and your's truly came in last. In my defense, I tripped over the starting line. And I am just weak and uncoordinated;)No pics of that, obviously.

Another game.
They also set up a pretty cool obstacle course. Here is Kindyl on part of it
ANd these kids look like they are discussing the progress of the others
Kinsey, Rachael and Andria, Danica, and Maranda.

After the games, it was movie time. Greg whipped out the projector and showed "Kung Fu Panda" on the side of the house. It is just like going to the theater. Only colder;)
Mitch, Seaver, and Booker trying to keep warm. Later joined by Trigg.

It is always a party when we get together with my family. I love that my kids have so many cousins close by. It is so great to be able to play with all of our built in friends. It will be even better next year when we have my mom back!

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Vidal's Nest said...

Looks like a fun day! I miss having my nearby. Dang!

Patrice said...

Sounds much like my family (8 kids and 51 grandkids between me and my siblings). Crazy fun!

Callie and Bryce Christiansen said...

ummm... Me and Chandler won the adult wheel barrel race.

Shelli said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm exhausted just looking at the pictures. It sounds like a blast for the cousins, especially.

Dan and Jan said...

I am so glad you got some pictures. I brought my camera but only managed to take pictures of the actual food. At least we know where my priorities are.

The Northwest Bunch said...

I never seen such a Thanksgiving. It looks like a lot of fun, especially the bounce houses. Someone has a great yard to fit all that fun. Cute pictures all of your family.

Rachael said...

hey we were pretty good at that game. we had to hurry and get the ice cube around as many times as we could before the ice cube melted. harder than it looks ;) <3

tracey said...

Wow, you guys know how to party! Complete with bouncy houses etc! Will you adopt our family?

Holly Janeen said...

look at you all picture happy!
you are so cute:)
its so crazy how all families are different- but that is great that you could do BOTH you and your husbands familys thanksgivings :)