Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Silly B Post...

(Bren "strangling" Kindyl)
Something is wrong with our washing machine. We are going to have to have it repaired. Or get a new one. And we just had a car related expense that will cost us hundreds. So I was complaining to Wendell about these two unexpected expenses coming at Christmas time. I said, "And we didn't really have enough money for Christmas anyway". Brenley was in the room playing and all of a sudden you hear her little voice say, In a sarcastic little mock whiny voice. "Oh, we don't have enough money for Christmas. Wah wah."

There is nothing like a three year old pointing out that you are being whiny to make you laugh. Cracked me up!

(Love the chocolate face and baby bow)

Yesterday she said "da**it" out of the blue. After I figured out that she actually did say it, I said, "we don't say that word, Brenley. You can say dangit, or shoot." She laughs at me and says, "Mom, three year olds don't say shoot!"

Oh. Apparently they say "da**it". Great.

Silly B.

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goingsome said...

"da** it" is better than some others things. LOL. That is too funny. I tell ya at 3 they are in tune to so much, and think they are so grown up. Silly little people.

Patrice said...

rich says it sounds like you need a home teaching visit!

twin2trip said...

So do ya want to go on a road trip:) I heard San Diego is nice this time of year. How are you doing anyway?

Holly Janeen said...

well sounds like B is the BOSS in your house! what a character! i bet you could fill an entire blog with all her wise cracks... :) she must've gotten her sass from your husband, right?