Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Abigail...AKA, Brenley's Dolly

I promise the child is growing. But she is still pretty little. I have been getting a lot of comments about how she looks like she is just a doll. I got three comments last week at McDonald's play land from different people about how it looked like I was carrying around a little doll.

Then at church on Sunday I got at least three more. It makes me a little self conscious. Like she isn't thriving. Maybe I am not producing enough milk for this child. But I promise she is growing! She has gained more than the doctors expected her too. I think she just has little features when you see her in person. And she is kind of short, I think. She doesn't really look like a dolly in pictures because you can see her chubby little face. But her body is still tiny.

It is fitting, I suppose. Because Bren thinks she is her own personal little dolly. The other day, Brenley picked out this outfit, and insisted Abigail wear it:

Even though it was obviously not appropriate for the dead of winter. As you can see we put a long sleeved onesie underneath it, and some white leggings to avoid frostbite;) Miss Brenley couldn't resist the sparkly crown on the front. She has a bit of a weakness for bling.

After Bren has dressed her up, she likes to carry her around:
And give her poor mama a heart attack.

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Little Red said...

So cute. She's not small looking, she's pretty and delicate looking- that's why everyone thinks she looks like a doll.

Vidal's Nest said...

She really is pretty tiny, but she has those cute full cheeks. She totally looks healthy to me!

goingsome said...

She is perfect. She looks like a doll cause she has that angelic look with the porcelin skin. She looks perfect to me. Makes me want to have another..........NOT, just kidding, we are blessed with our 2 boys and we are content :) You are blessed and we'll leave it at that.

tracey said...

Our Abigail is tiny too. The poor thing went to Kindergarten wearing 3x shorts :-( She doesn't seem to care though. It is so fun that you can still lift her up and give her a hug and she feels like nothing. Your Abigail looks beautifully healthy too me. I love that Brenley picked out and outfit, and you are an awesome mom for buying totally out of season and putting it on her anyway!!

tracey said...

sorry my comment was so poorly written/typed.. must be my freezing fingers at the keyboard

macmommy said...

My kids have always been like that....always worry they are too small. I guess some kids are just like that =) Picking up my sisters gigantic children always makes me appreciate it a bit more! So glad B is so happy about her baby sister! Sounds like they are going to be really close.

Lexi said...

That's funny that everyone says she looks small, because when Lexi was wearing that outfit, she was 6 months old.


Dusty said...

so check it out!

Your blog is ranked as the number 9 most read blog in Mesa! Wow!