Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brenley's Journal

She doesn't have one. Because I am a slacker. The first three kids have journals where I wrote down all of the cute things they said or did. Or some anyway. So I decided to write down a few here, since this is my scrapbook/journal.

I was telling Wendell's cousin Karen how funny Brenley was, and how she is my little cure for post partum hormones because she makes me laugh every day. She asked for examples and I couldn't think of anything. Sad.

Part of the reason is that so much of her humor is physical. She will just randomly strike a little pose, or do her booty dance. Out of the blue. If you saw it, you would bust up.

And part of her humor is her cute little voice. When you repeat what she says, it isn't that funny. But when she says it it is hilarious. If you have or have had toddlers, you know exactly what I mean. In fact, the only reason Abigail has kept her name is because it is so adorable when Brenley says it. So, if she hates having such a common name when she is older, she will have B to blame;)

Brenley was eating little peppermint patties the other day. She had been eating more than a couple. She came up and asked me if she could have more chocolate. I was having an internal debate. Should I just say yes so I can keep doing what I am doing in peace? Or should I say no, because she has probably had too many. It took a minute to think about it.

So she looked at me with this earnest expression and said. "say yes". Like she was helping me work out my dilemma. Or she was trying out her Jedi mind skills. Either way, it worked;)

I am afraid she has us all wrapped around her little finger;)

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Patrice said...

Oh, I can see you are a sucker for a cute face! Savanna knows how to pull those heart strings, too!

The Taylor Family said...

Brenley sounds just like my little Emmerson! I absolutely love the toddler voice. I will miss it so! I wish we lived closer, I bet they would be BFF's!