Monday, January 26, 2009

Sherry is....

Trying to decide whether or not to be ticked at a funny comment her husband made.

Referring to breastfeeding, and the calories required:

"I just don't think the fat is making it into this one."("this one" referring to this baby, Abigail)

I nurse this baby all the time, she is still tiny and I am still.... not. I seem to be retaining all of the fat I am eating, and not sharing with the infant.

Do I agree? I am afraid so. Am I annoyed? A little bit.

Honestly I am pretty sure he was referring more to how little Abigail is than how huge I am. Because he isn't really mean to me on purpose. ( I don't take "teasing" very well) And my other breast fed babies were all big. Even Brenley who was 4 weeks early just like Ab.

SO I am choosing not to be offended.

ANd if you are wondering about the title of this post, I joined the Face Book craze yesterday. My cousin Shelli sent me a request, and it was my fifth one. So it pushed me over the edge into the FB world.

I have told myself I did it to keep an eye on my daughter and other family members.

And frankly, friend requests make me feel good;)

10 people know I love comments!:

Little Red said...

Margaret is... very excited you decided to join Facebook. As far as breast-feeding and calories go- every time I hear some skinny minnie say "the weight just fell off because of breast-feeding," I want to kick her in the face. For me, I think breast-feeding keeps my weight on. My body clings to the fat to produce the milk. When I stopped nursing Booker, the weight really started to fall off. So here's to a whole year without losing much weight. Sigh. The sacrifices we make...

eva said...

I love your blog! Facebook is cool and all but I still like the blogs. Keep blogging...but I'll check you out on FB too! :)

The Northwest Bunch said...

I never lost weight breastfeeding either. That is why I only do it for about three months and I am done. With having a small baby, Delaynie was always so small and petite. At her 2 year check up the doctor said that she will probably only get to about 5 feet. We have short genes on my side of the family. She still is very slender and is catching up her her 10 year brother(who worries me that he may grow up to have a short man complex). We had to put her on a all fat diet as well. She enjoyed lots of butter, chips, whip cream, ice cream and other fabulous fat rich foods. Still to no avail did she gain weight. But she is healthy and smart. So I would not worry unless a doctor is concerned. We all grow at are own pace.

Oh I have had a lot of people invite me to FB and I really do not have enough time to blog so I am never joining. I will let Jim enjoy that crowd. Sorry!!

Kim & Max Willis family said...

great! I'm glad i can be of help in the hair department:)I think you would look great with darker lowlights! oh and by the way your family is so adorable. you look way too young to have all those kiddies-you look great!

Patrice said...

Oh, I hate dealing with the after-baby weight. I think Heavenly Father should just take it away since we had to deal with the pregnancy. I always have to work to lose each and every ounce!

Rhonda said...

Don't Hubby's just have a way of saying the right thing? haha
Don't worry, I feel the same way. I ALWAYS gain weight when I breastfeed & Talia is chubby. Go figure. I guess I have enough extra fat to go around!
I can't believe you gave in to FB! I'm still holding strong. I already have no time to blog & besides I've only had 4 friend requests. Nobody loves me. (As evident from my lack of readers on my blog.) haha
Did Kim help you figure out your hair dilema?

Holly Janeen said...

well i, too, am a facebook member... add me, yo.

and um... husbands? seriously.

sometimes... i just... wonder...

you are a better person than i am- when Jeff says things that offend me- i end up sulking the entire day and hating him.

but just for the record- i think you are a babe and your sweet little angel baby is just where she needs to be. seriously.

Cassie said...

Sorry, Sher. Another grammar issue:

"Honestly I am pretty sure he was referring more to how little Abigail is then how huge I am."

Should be than, not then. Love you!


Ken_and_Becky said...

Hey Sherry, I would love to have a small baby! Mine is a huge chunker, seriously his legs are like as big as my neck, lol. You want to trade for a while? - he could use some milk lite ;) Plus carrying him around will kick off that pregnancy weight in no time!! :) (*hoping you don't take that the wrong way) I tried to find you on facebook but no results :(

Caryn said...

Love it Love FB love that you finally caved and got your own account!