Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve means a reading of the Christmas story from the bible, which we all love. And new Christmas pajamas, of course! I love having all of the girls match. But I've been inspired by my sister Jannalee. She makes her kids' pajamas, and they ALL match, including the boy. This can be done if you use a nice blue, or green, and I am determined to try it next year.

Christmas morning, we open presents:

And then head out to a big Christmas breakfast with my family. This year we had it at Mama Ginger's house, because my mom is in Germany. And we only had a few of our families instead of our usual huge crew. It was a lot of fun. The kids love playing with cousins Christmas morning in their PJ's.

Kylee making Abigail smile.

Mama G got the little kids (Brenley's age) some vintage Polly Pocket sets. They were Awesome! Rebecca and I had fun playing with them, and trying to decide whether or not we were really going to let the toddlers actually keep them.

Around 4 we headed over to the Grunyons for Christmas dinner.
This tends to be kind of a Thanksgiving part two, with a couple of honey baked hams substituting for a couple of turkeys. And one little turkey. Don't forget my mom's famous cheese ball. It wouldn't be Christmas without it. If we can't have our mom for Christmas, at least we can have her cheese ball! (I think I am getting new insight into my food issues;)


The kids are always more interested in playing together than they are in the food. As it should be!

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