Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mitchell is 8!

I can't believe my boy is already 8! It seems like he was just my little baby yesterday.

Mitchell and Brenley are 5 years apart, so he was my little buddy for a very long time. He was the sweetest baby, and the nicest little boy. He was my constant companion while the girls were at school.

I remember one day when Mitch was about 3. After I dropped the girls off at school, out of habit I started talking to Mitchell. But he wasn't there. Wendell was home that morning for some reason and Mitchell had stayed home with him. I didn't know what to do with myself for the rest of the ride home! What was I supposed to do without Mitchell there to talk to? Sadly, I turned on the radio and missed my little companion.

Mitchell is a smart little cracker and always on top of things. My little second grader is in the 3rd grade level at school for almost everything (he is in a combined Montessori classroom and is able to participate in the 3rd grade groups) and insists on perfection. He always gets his homework done, and is sure to get it right to the t. Sometimes I get a little annoyed by his perfectionism, and try to teach him that sometimes things aren't perfect but they are "good enough". I try to catch myself and learn not to force him into the "good enough" rut that I am in.

Perfect example: Scouts.

Yes, this is a picture of Mitchell asleep on the couch with his scout book open. Ever since he got his book at the beginning of the month the boy has been obsessed! We keep telling him he has the whole year to fulfill requirements, but he feels like he needs them done today.

He has a good friend who also turned 8 this month down the street. Every single day he heads to the Anderson's to see if James can work on his scouts. I am afraid he is going to drive the Andersons crazy! They are good friends though, and are always nice to him.

He is a dedicated child for sure.

Lucky for us, he doesn't expect perfection from others, just himself;) Because the rest of us are anything but perfect!

It seems that weekly I am told by somebody in our church what a good boy he is. How he is polite to his teachers, and always answers the questions. It is always nice to hear that your little boy knows how to behave himself when we are not around.

I wish I could say it was something I was doing as his parent. It's not. I think we all know that there are certain things kids are born with. Sure, they can be taught. But that is not the case with Mitchell. He was just born nice. He was born respectful. He was born with certain perfectionist characteristics. I don't know where he got these things. But we are thankful to have this little boy around!

8 Things I Love About Mitchell:

1. He has always been sweet to his sisters, especially his baby sisters.

(Lovin tiny baby Brenna)
2. He loves animals and inspires their loyalty

(Maisy guarding Mitchell while he sleeps)
3. He listens at church and can always tell me what he has learned that day.
4. He has a great sense of humor.
5. He is very responsible.
6. He is a quick learner academically
7. He is a quick learner physically (football, the wave, soccer, etc

8. He is always quick to say, "I love you"

Happy Birthday buddy! We love you!

8 people know I love comments!:

Shelli said...

Happy Birthday, Mitchell! How fun to reminisce about all the great things about your kids once in awhile. Enjoy your day!

Melissa Resch said...

I can not believe he is 8!!! I remember dropping my kids off and her was always there ready to play!! that was so long ago huh!!!

Devan and Robyn said...

We have loved having Mitchell over! He'll keep James on his toes for Scouts!! Happy Birthday Mitchell!

Patrice said...

Happy Birthday, little buddy! It was a joy for me to be your teacher. When is your baptism date?

The Northwest Bunch said...

Delaynie turns 8 this year too. I can not believe it. This is a great year for baptisms. Happy Birthday!!

Mandi said...

I can't believe your kids are getting so big! Wasn't Mitchell in nursery when we were in your ward?

eva said...

I remember him being a little guy and look at him. What a cutie!

Holly Janeen said...

i am in love with Mitchell!
haha... seriously, he is such a great kid! i hope my boy is as awesome :)