Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have been a little more interested in football lately than I normally am. this is probably not that unusual right now. (Cardinals/Superbowl anyone?)

I have been watching the back seasons of Friday Night Lights on Netflix, and really enjoying it.

If you know me, you know I don't watch a lot of sports on T.V. But I really enjoy sports live. I'll go to an ASU Football game anytime you ask me. I'm always up for a Suns game, and I really enjoy a good D Backs game. I'm not sure why I can't watch on T.V. For some reason, the noise of the game and the sportscasters drives me absolutely crazy.

I never had the urge to watch this particular show. One of my sisters said it was more about the relationships than about football, so I checked it out.

Love it! I love the relationship between the husband and wife and I love the excitement of the actual game, believe it or not.

I started watching football in Jr. High, but developed a bad taste when I got embarrassed. I was watching a game with a really cute guy I had a crush on.(is it just me or am I sounding like my daughter?) I understood the game, but he thought I didn't. I cheered when our guy tackled their guy, because it was an awesome tackle and it meant they didn't get a touch down. But Super Cute Boy thought I was cheering for the other team. He thought I was so retarded that I couldn't keep track of our own team. I tried to explain myself to no avail. He thought I was just making excuses.

I am pretty sure this is why we never got together;) (By the time he got a clue in High School, I was over it.)

So football, bad experience. When I got to High School I went to games but really just to support the players I was friends with, and socialize. I didn't pay attention.

Until my Junior Year when I spent a semester in Bozeman MT. I played Powder Puff Football, and loved it. I ended up dating and going to Prom with my football player coach. I was the best little corner back you ever saw. O.K not really. But I did just fine, had a lot of fun, and beat the seniors. I decided it was not such a bad game after all.

I started to actually enjoy Mt. View football(even when our State loss to Mesa High really messed with our Winter Formal plans. Who says boys don't get emotional?;)and loved going to home games when I got to ASU.

Still do. but I wouldn't dream of watching it on T.V. Or even a T.V show about it. But I was so wrong! This little town of Dillon, TX reminded me of my little town of Bozeman, MT. Bozeman is a little university town (MSU, home of the Bobcats)of about 30,000- 40,000 .It had one high school, and was kind of serious about its football (although certainly not to the extent of Dillon Texas)

So it brings back memories. And makes me wish I knew my husband when he played High School football. Rumor has it he was quite good. And his little town made kind of a big deal about him. He refuses to brag about it, but I have seen the newspaper articles.

(I know these pics stink. I won't even start on the hair (no, he didn't have a mullet!).Remember the late 80's, people? I found one really awesome picture, but the article was too big to fit in my scanner. I am sort of thinking of framing it;)

When we were dating, I remember running into an ex boyfriend of mine who had met Wendell a couple of times. I remember him saying, "you are going to marry that football player, aren't you." I remember it because it was really the first time I actually considered the question. and I remember wondering why he referred to him as "that football player".I said, "you know, I think I just might."
Who knows, I may just end up actually watching the Super Bowl this year. Go Cards!
( yes, my inner college self IS cringing at how often I start sentences on my blog with "so", "but", and "and". And how often I use incomplete sentences. The list could go on...)

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Patrice said...

I have never seen the show, but I have liked the main character (is his name Chandler?) in other shows. Hey, Wendell, LOVE the mullet!!!

The Northwest Bunch said...

We as a family were hoping for a Chargers/Cardinals Super Bowl but no such luck. The Steelers took us out. We love football at our house but it is nice though that the season is coming to an end.

Danielle said...

Go Cards! You know that show is based on the area we live in. Football is insane here!

Rachael said...

dad was hot!
i never new that

luv ya lots!


Julie H said...

Is a very good pic of Wendall. You and Laura nabbed some cute honeys.....(and Pam too)
They were such jocks in high school. Ha ha ha
We're cheering on the Cardinals too.

Little Red said...

I love that Friday Night Lights is a show BOTH Clark and I can enjoy. And I'm with you, I love the relationship between Tammy and the Coach. Those pics of Wendell are awesome! What a stud.

Shelli said...

Rom and I both love that show! It is very good, and we enjoy it. I learned to love football my freshman year at BYU when my room-mate was a football fanatic. I'm rooting for the Cards tomorrow!

Dan and Jan said...

What fun pictures of Wendell. You should definately frame the big one (only photocopy it first onto some good paper so that it won't disintegrate in a few years). Thanks for sharing!

The Taylor Family said...

OMGoodness..........That brings back the memories............PHS! Go Longhorns!

Ha Ha Ha......What fun!

Mariah said...


The Jensen Family said...

i wish i liked football more..i usually only like the playoffs and the superbowl. but this year is extra exciting, so its easy for me to wanna watch!

ps. i totally am all about the epidural! i wouldn't do it anyother way. thats what i'm scared not being able to have one for some reason

macmommy said...

It's so funny that you're doing this because a couple weeks ago I was going through Grant's old school stuff. He looked so cute in his football pics! Something about a man in uniform =) I told him he would have been the guy I was totally in love with and afraid to talk to!

Is fun to see those pics of Wendell! We picked a good gene pool--haha!

Haven't seen the show, but now you have me interested!

macmommy said...

Oh and totally bummed about the Cards. Think I have an ulcer from yesterday's game!

Holly Janeen said...

way to get yourself a foxy football star :)