Tuesday, September 16, 2008

O.K. O.K, I'm HUGE, I know already!

It has been apparent lately that I am larger than your average pregnant girl. At bunco last week, we had a sub that was just so cute and tiny and pregnant. She was DAYS from delivering. ( I think she has had her by now.) You know the kind. She was wearing her regular, non maternity shorts, and she just looked fantastic.

Then there is my cute friend Rhonda who is due 4 weeks before me. We are the same age, so I can't just say the usual,"well, she isn't over thirty yet." Even her belly is smaller than mine!

I would post a belly picture of us all so you could see, but the cute tiny girl specifically said,"no blogs!" when we took it. Since I just met her, I'd better respect her wishes.(You can just ignore your best friends, you know;)

But there are other signs that I am ginormous:

Wendell has been laughing at the sight of me walking around the house with my belly sticking out. This is a habit of mine while it has been so stinkin hot. I kind of look like a fat man whose shirt and shorts are too small to come together all the way. You know you have seen these guys. Not pretty.

Brenley has always referred to the baby as, "tiny baby" Today in the shower, she pokes my belly and says, " Tiny Baby is BIG, Mom! Look how big Tiny Baby is!"

Complete strangers have been telling me I must be due any day now. You know the comments, "You look like you are ready to pop!" Thanks, I have over a month to go.I didn't know I was so huge!(did you catch the sarcasm there?)

And, last but not least, my scale has been reaching numbers it has never before seen. We are talking uncharted territory here. I weigh a lot more than I did when I gave birth to Brenley, and I had preeclampsia with her! (For those that don't know, this means I had some irregular swelling and water weight along with high blood pressure, extra protein, etc.) If I manage to get preeclampsia with this one, you can just imagine the numbers I will be seeing then.

Do I seriously care? Not really. It is not so bad being fat when you have an obviously pregnant belly. I know I will have to deal with it after the baby comes, but right now it is not so embarrassing. For all anyone else knows, I COULD just be swollen all over from water weight. Go ahead, try to prove I'm not.;)

Besides, I will take being huge over being on bedrest any day. A little perspective always helps:)

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Patrice said...

I must admit that I hadn't seen you in a while and all of the sudden you look pregnant! Personally, I think you look super. It's good to see you up and about.

Frankie and Krista said...

Ha!Ha! I walk around with my shirt up too. Way to HOT. Jason Told me to please cover my beer belly the other day. What can I say. I would say take size over bed too. I hated bed rest! I am sure you look very cute!

Danielle said...

I am sorry you feel fat. I wish people would keep their mouths shut when speaking to a pregnant women. For some reason people think that you can say things to a woman that is pregnant that you would get slapped for if they weren't. Now if you really want to feel fat when preggo you could do what I did and sit on the toilet seat and have it break. Yep I felt like a cow. :)

twin2trip said...

I loved the post. I had to chuckle and you are right about keeping things in perspective. So I guess you are off bedrest. Other than feeling huge, do you feel good? I hope so.. Don't worry when baby gets here you'll be back to your normal self in no time.

twin2trip said...

Did you see any good movies or read any good books while on bedrest?

Vidal's Nest said...

Chill my friend..You look prego. Ok, big prego, but definatly prego! Not fat! I just carried differently with each one. When I was prego with zach I remember a lady saying she just couldn't believe I wasn't having twins! Nice!!