Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brenley is three!

(yes, my "big girl" is sitting in the infant bumbo. She has baby issues;)
It is official. My little toddler is a preschooler! When did this happen? A few months ago we were still calling her "the baby". We would probably still be calling her that if she weren't expecting a baby sister soon.

We even cut off her baby curls today. It may have been way overdue. The child hasn't had a hair cut in three years. But she had these cute little curls at the end that I just didn't want to get rid of! My hair is naturally thin and fine and straight as a board. So when I had a child with even minuscule curls, I just had to keep them as long as I could! But I let her hair get so long that the weight was pulling the curl out anyhow. As you can see!

(not a very good after shot. She was not cooperating. I actually took off about 3 inches)

I am hoping her hair will not be so painful to comb out now.

She even finished potty training herself a while ago. I am a hands off potty tainer. I would rather deal with dirty diapers than potty training accidents any day. So I just wait until my kids decide on their own that they want to use the toilet from now on, then they pretty much do it on their own.

It had been obvious for months that Bren was ready, but I was too sick to want to deal with it. When I couldn't ignore her anymore, we bought her some big girl undies, and showed her to her little toilet. That is all it took. She even uses the big toilet half the time, especially when she needs to go #2. This way I have nothing to clean up. And no sticker charts, no bribery, no accidents. These are the perks of waiting until your child wants to potty train themselves. We are very proud of her. And very grateful that we will not have two children in diapers;)

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

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Patrice said...

Happy Birthday Brenley! She is a cutie. It's definitely a plus to not have TWO in diapers.

Melissa Resch said...

oh my gosh. i can't belive she is 3. i am so sorry i missed your shower! you will be here sat right? i will see you then!!!

Shelli said...

Happy Birthday, Brenley! And congratulations on the potty training! Nice to get that out of the way before the baby comes.

macmommy said...

Happy Birthday, Brenley!! We're pretty relaxed about potty training, use in frustrating yourself and them. Glad to hear you won't have to be shelling out the dough for 2 kids in diapers!

Crazymamaof6 said...

Happy Birthday Brenley! whoohoo on getting potty trained all by herself!
so fun to see ya today!

twin2trip said...

Hey it's been a couple of weeks since I checked in. Wow crafty girl. I love all of the items you've made. Were you the one that cut Brenley's hair? Hopefully it is easier to comb. We have rattsy hair issues everyday and I swear I am going to chop it. Hope you are feeling well.