Friday, September 19, 2008

I'll Take my Good Husband Any Day

My older brother e mailed me this. Because of all the books all of us blog mommies admit to reading, I thought it was fitting. Really, can you see Edward changing a diaper?;)

Fantasy Men vs Good Husbands

Fantasy Men are dark, dangerous and mysterious.
Good Husbands don't have secrets. They tell you anything you want to know, sometimes more than you want to know. They're SAFE.

Fantasy Men are arrogant and controlling. They have a sense of entitlement (per one publisher's guidelines)
Good Husbands are nice. They're flexible, accommodating and quietly confident. They don't expect to be given anything they haven't earned.

Fantasy Men are powerful and command respect. They never ask for help and never make the wrong decision.
Good Husbands share power and authority, and they earn respect. They make mistakes all the time but they aren't afraid to admit them and learn from them, or ask for help if needed. (However, they won't ask for directions!)

Fantasy Men are tortured souls with bad, bad things in their pasts.
Good Husbands might have sad or tragic pasts, but they've gotten past the bad stuff and haven't let it taint their entire lives.

Fantasy Men consider falling in love with the heroine a weakness, because it's the one thing in their lives they can't control.
Good Husbands think falling in love with their wives is the best thing that ever happened to them. They don't consider emotion a personality flaw.

Fantasy Men are reduced to total incompetence by a crying baby.
Good Husbands can change a stinky diaper in their sleep.

Fantasy Men ride Harleys.
Good Husbands drive a safe car with a baby car seat in back.

Fantasy Men are so dang good-looking that beautiful supermodels fall all over them, but of course they're never tempted by anyone but the heroine.
Good Husbands might be handsome, but most of us aren't going to see our husbands in a Calvin Klein ad. And they don't have that supermodel problem.

Fantasy Men never, but never belch.
Good Husbands … okay, maybe this isn't the most endearing feature of a real man. But let's face it. They can't help themselves.

I vote for the good husband, belches and all. :)

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Shelli said...

Me, too! I especially like the part where falling in love with me was the best thing to ever happen to Rom! He'd agree, too!

macmommy said...

Cute ;0) Need to remember this when Grant is being a stinker!

Crazymamaof6 said...

love this. i snagged it and had to forward it to all my friends.