Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Mother's Day Bling!

This is what I got from my kids for Mother's Day. Aren't they thoughtful? O.K, I picked them out and bought them. But they put them in baggies and brought them to me on the Happy Mother's Day morning.

I should have taken a Picture of the backs. On the back of my "M" is a word search with my kids' names highlighted. On the back of the "S" is a crown with crystals. This is nice, because it means Rachael can wear it too. that really nice?...;)

The Diet Pepsi is self explanatory.

They are clips and can go on any necklace. I can wear the Diet Pepsi on a plain silver chain with red, or I can put the "M" on a different colored necklace. You get the picture. Versatility is key.

Did I get my clean house and my nice kids.'Nuff said.

But my thoughtful husband gave me a gift certificate for Massage Envy. Smart guy. I am using it as a reward. For 5 consecutive days at the gym in one week, or three days at the gym a week for two consecutive weeks. If I work my booty hard enough, I will really need that massage. And it is motivation to work off that baby weight. Before I can no longer call it baby weight. Perfect.

3 people know I love comments!:

tammy said...

So cute!

You'll have to tell me where you went shopping for them.

Shelli said...

Massage is the best gift ever! I'm thinking it may even surpass chocolate. Maybe.

Rhonda said...

Ummm... LOVING the bling! You hubby did pcik out the perfect gift for an amazing mom!