Saturday, May 9, 2009


(nope, not talking about Edward. Sorry Twilight fans!)

Some of you may have wondered what I have decided about the nursing situation after reading this post

I am still nursing. Exclusively. Meaning no formula from a bottle. And she even refuses breast milk from a bottle.

We have recently learned that this stubborn eating habit is not limited to milk or milk related food. She also won't let other people feed her baby food or baby cereal. Lovely.

Does this mean I never go out without her? No. It means that I still go out pretty much whenever I want and she stages a hunger strike. She is very good at it. Last night it was a 6 hour hunger strike. The longest we have gone is seven hours.(sorry about that, Jannalee)

She is a stubborn tiny baby. What makes things worse is that she won't even nurse unless conditions are right. No noise! No talking! And she prefers the light a little muted. Is that too much to ask?

As a matter of fact, yes!

She is a tiny little munchkin any way and has decided that it is more important for her to get her own way than it is to eat.

That's fine. Have it your way, little queenie.

But now.She has. Fangs. I'm afraid I draw the line at little tiny vampire babies.

She got her two little bottom teeth last month. Which is usually fine. I have nursed all of my babies with teeth. They bite me, I flick them, they cry and learn not to do it again. The system worked well for me with the first three. Not Brenley. Her bottom teeth were O.K but when she got her top teeth she would draw blood and laugh. And that was the end of nursing miss Brenley at about 9 months old. She wasn't happy about it at first, but she eventually gave in and started drinking formula.

I am afraid Abigail is just too stubborn! Up until now, I wanted her to take a bottle, but I still wanted to nurse. Now I am over it! She jumps around and tries to do her acrobatics while she is nursing. I am covered in breast milk daily. It's disgusting. And now she is really hurting me. On purpose, i think, little stinker;)

She is 7 months old today and I am O.K with 7 months of nursing.

She is so stubborn I don't know how I will wean her! I am afraid I will have to leave her for a few days so she gives up waiting for me to come home and nurse her. But the only person I know that is willing to take my cranky starving baby for two or three days is Joy, who is in California for the next few weeks.

So what do I do? Wean her with me around, and just let her cry all the time wondering why I am right here and refuse to feed her? Give her to my husband and hide? That won't work because he has to go out and make a living. Someone has to keep us all in diapers and jewelry, after all.

We are going to the beach house on Wednesday. It would be so nice to have this taken care of by then...

Can I order a fully weaned baby for Mother's Day, please?

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Little Red said...

Oh man, weaning is no fun. Even if she's still breast feeding at the beach house, you'll have a blast. And Booker totally had fangs too and it creeped me out. Luckily, his top two came in a few weeks later.

Patrice said...

My sister-in-law, Ally, is fighting the same battle. Her little one went seven hours on Thursay! I think you need to leave for the day so she will finally give in. BTW, I'm not volunteering. :o)

Dan and Jan said...

Hilarious :)

Rhonda said...

Sherry, I love how no matter what you write about... I end up laughing out loud & thinking "I couldn't have said it better myself!". Bravo to you for your wonderful sense of sarcasm & quick wit. I love it!
Oh, & thank goodness both my girls were DONE breastfeeding before they cut teeth! (Although, I did call Yazee my little vampire when she was born. She was a very ferocious eater!)

Amanda said...

how's the weaning going? my zoey (5 months old) is not taking a bottle, i plan on nursing as long as i can, but she won't take a bottle so that means that i can't really go out, well not for very long anyways. so what did/are you doing?