Friday, May 22, 2009

Kindyl's Talent Show

(Tangee and Kindyl)
Kindyl was in her school's talent show with her best friend Tangee and the other Kindal. The girls picked their own music, and outfits, and movements. I think they did a pretty good job.

Here is a little video of the girls. It was taken by Tangee's teenage brother so it isn't perfect. It won't give you a headache if you only watch it once though;)

(He may not be the best videographer, but he is a great big brother and sweet to my kids. So we love him anyway;)

We did videotape it ourselves, and someday I will learn how to post videos of my own. Someday....

(My Kindyl is on the left. Then the other Kindal, her nemesis. Then BFF Tangee)

3 people know I love comments!:

Patrice said...

Oh, they are so cute together!

tammy said...

So cute!

Rhonda said...

You must be so proud! That was so adorable!