Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh I Can't Wait Until I'm 8!

For then I'll be baptised you see ! Mitchell's baptism was lovely. His birthday was in January, but we put it off until March so my mother could be here. She was still in Germany on her mission in January.

And this way he and his cousin Andria could get baptised at the same time. Fun! Not to mention awfully convenient. My family is a huge group,and it was nice to get a twofer.

My mom was able to give a beautiful talk, and Wendell's dad gave a scripture. It's not often your family gets to do two things at a stake baptism. And technically we didn't;)

It was also convenient for Wendell's family to not have to drive down from Utah just one month after Abigail's blessing. It was nice for them to get a three-four month break.

We are so proud of Mitchell for deciding to get baptised into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He got a really nice CTR ring from Grandma and Grandpa Macnab, and a brand new leather quad from us. He is such a good kid. He already remembers to choose the right and read the scriptures, and now it will be even easier!

It is always nice to have the Macnabs here from Utah, Payson, and Gilbert. We just don't get to see them often enough! We all came back to our house for a barbeque, and even some swimming! Crazy kids. I have pictures. That post coming next!

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Patrice said...

He is such a good kid and tries so hard. I'm very proud of you, Mitchell!

macmommy said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of all of us is hilarious! I think Mitchell is the only boy paying attention (including the "grown up" boys) and he's the one being beaten by Abigail ;) I won't mention that I looked huge....

Glad we were able to be there for such an important day in Mitchell's life!

Mandi said...

Wow, you're not kidding when you say it's a big group! I can't believe Mitchell is 8 -- isn't he the one that was in nursery and told me about your van being stolen? Crazy how time flies!

the tim gailey home said...

i love the family causual!! makes it seem real life. congratulations on having another join the fold!

The Taylor Family said...

What a humongous family! Congrats to your big boy!