Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why I Love February

Because tulips are my favorite. And February starts like this:

Because my anniversary is Feb 2nd. (Yes, that's Groundhog's Day)

And then we have Valentine's Day, and I get even more:

And they last until March.
I love tulips. What a fabulous way to usher in Spring!

3 people know I love comments!:

macmommy said...

Tulips are my absolute fave, too!

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh! Did Wendell get those for you, or did you do them yourself? I love love love them! So spring-y. (Roses are so yesterday...)

sherry said...

Wendell got them for me. He won't buy anything but tulips because they are my favorite. So if you see anything else in yhouse, I probably bought them myself;)