Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Fun- Fridge and Hair

Inspired by this post, I decided to finally take my favorite Christmas cards off of my fridge and make it more Valentine appropriate. It is not fabulous or fancy, but kind of cute:

Luckily I had these cute magnetic hearts with all of our names on them. I like how Brenley's heart holds up her artwork, next to the tissue doily heart she made in pre school:
And Abigail's heart holds up her baby cousin's birth announcement, etc.

You get the gist. So my question to you is: Will hearts still be appropriate after V day? Or do I need to make flowers with their names in vinyl lettering for Spring?(probably not going to happen)Are hearts universal enough to stick around? I need your input.

And finally: Heart hair.
In honor of this important day, Brenley wore a heart in her hair.(instructions found here)

She wore it like this to church on Sunday too. I liked it.

9 people know I love comments!:

Patrice said...

I saw the hair on Sunday. VERY cute!

The Northwest Bunch said...

Hearts are universal. Love the birth announcement. Our stainless steel fridge does not hold magnets so nothing is on ours. We use the garage door for our art displays.

Happy Valentines!!!

macmommy said...

How did you get the stainless steel to hold a magnet?? Mine won't hold anything so we use the sides. I love hearts so I think they are great all year! Love the heart in her hair. Some day I'm going to kidnap you and make you teach me how to do hair, haha!

Juli said...

Hearts are perfect all year! Just want you to know your children are beautiful. I love looking at your pictures!

macmommy said...

Lilly wasn't living on the streets, though. =)

Rebecca said...

Hearts are for valentines day...I vote for making flowers. Totally cute! :)

twin2trip said...

Oh my, look at the fancy hair.

Happy 13th anniversary by the way.

Is it safe to say that your little cutie is looking more and more like you as she enters her 4th month?

sherry said...

Ummm- it is fake stainless steel. That is how it holds a magnet. And it is easier to clean. And yes, Christina, she is looking a little more like me. She has my eyes and my coloring, Wendell's nose and mouth. And Kindyl's dimples. Her features are actually a lot like Mitchell's. (Oh yeah, and as my sister was nice enough to tell me, my square flintstone feet;)

Holly Janeen said...

cool hair!
and cute magnets... i wanna copy you!

hearts are totally year round in MY opinion.